• U.S. History and Government


    Mrs. Kiley

    845-256-4175 ext. 69575



    Welcome to US History and Government!  I am looking forward to working with you during the 2023-2024 school year. I’m excited to get to know you all and embark on this journey with you.  


    US History and Government is a full year course that begins with our country’s foundations and moves all the way to the modern era.  You will use the writing, analytical, and research skills you have been applying in previous history courses in this class.  This course ends with a Regents exam in June and it is my expectation that you will pass the course and exam!  


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    • Be on time, prepared, and organized

    • Please go to the bathroom, office, etc. prior to coming to class

    • Be respectful by listening to others, following directions, and using appropriate language

    • Keep all cell phones away or they will be put in the cell phone bin for the remainder of class

      • If the student refuses, still uses the phone, or it is in the bin daily, parent contact will be made and a referral written.
    • Be productive, pay attention, and participate in class

    • Have fun!


    Grading Policy:

    There will be several quizzes, exams, assignments, essays, and projects given throughout the year.  Your average is calculated using a total points method.   (For example: 430/450 points = 96%)  Assignments will be given the following values:


    • Tests: 100 points

    • Quizzes: 50 points

    • Essays: 50-100 points

    • Classwork/Participation: 20-30 points

    • Homework:  10-20 points


    Homework and Attendance Policy:

    Full credit will be given for homework that is completed thoroughly and on time.  If you are legally absent, your homework will be accepted the following class for full credit.  Late homework will have points taken off for each day it is late.  You are responsible for looking in the classroom for any work that was missed.  Students will have one week to make up quizzes and tests.  It is your responsibility to schedule these with me.  If they are not made up a zero will then be put in the gradebook.  Please be prepared for the next class when you are out.


    Classroom Materials:

    • Come to class with a charged chromebook each day

    • Pens and/or pencils

    • A binder or a large folder - we work with paper in this class.  Everything is posted in the classroom but that is primarily for when you are absent or if there are issues with the copier.


    Extra Help:

    I will be available to you every day after school at 2:20-2:45.  I am also off blocks 3A, 3B, and 4B.  I can be found in my room (261) or the Social Studies office (260).


    All work for US History and Government can be found in our Google Classroom.