• U.S. History and Government


    Mrs. Kiley

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    Welcome to US History and Government!  I am looking forward to working with you during the 2022-2023 school year. I’m excited to get to know you all and embark on this journey with you.  


    US History and Government is a full year course that begins with our country’s foundations and moves all the way to the modern era.  You will use the writing, analytical, and research skills you have been applying in previous history courses in this class.  This course ends with a Regents exam in June and it is my expectation that you will pass the course and exam!  

    Harvard Business School- The Case Method:

    A couple of years ago I completed a program at Harvard Business School called the Case Method Institute.  This program will be included in our studies this year and I am very excited to share it with you.  We will look at many cases used at Harvard Business School which will put you in the shoes of various decision makers throughout history.  The cases you will be presented with are difficult.  It will be a challenge for both you and I.  We will work through them together however and really experience history in a new, exciting way.  Get ready to experience history in the present tense!


    When we prepare a case, your participation is crucial and will be graded.  Barring extenuating circumstances, you will be required to make 2 meaningful comments during our discussion and decision days.  If you are absent on these days, you will be required to make up your discussion points. 


    I will be working closely with the Institute this school year as we work through the cases.  They depend on our feedback so the program can flourish.  At the end of each case I will ask you to fill out an anonymous survey that will help the Institute make decisions about currently used and brand new cases.   


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    • Be on time, prepared, and organized

    • Please go to the bathroom, office, etc. prior to coming to class

    • Be respectful by listening to others, following directions, and using appropriate language

    • Keep all cell phones away or they will be put in the cell phone bin for the remainder of class

    • Be productive, pay attention, and participate in class

    • Have fun!


    Grading Policy:

    There will be several quizzes, exams, assignments, essays, and projects given throughout the year.  Your average is calculated using a total points method.   (For example: 430/450 points = 96%)  Assignments will be given the following values:


    • Tests: 100 points

    • Quizzes: 50 points

    • Essays: 50-100 points

    • Classwork/Participation: 20-30 points

    Classroom Materials:

    • Come to class with a charged chromebook each day

    • Pens and/or pencils

    • A binder or a large folder - while many assignments and documents will be provided digitally in Google Classroom, if you prefer a hard copy a binder or folder is recommended to keep items organized

    • Composition notebook - you will be expected to take notes during our Case Method discussions 

    Extra Help:

    I will be available to you every day after school at 2:20-2:45.  I can be found in room 261 or the Social Studies office (260).



    All work for US History and Government can be found in our Google Classroom.