• Participation in Government

    Fall 2023

    Mrs. Kiley

    845-256-4175 ext. 69575



    Welcome to Participation in Government!  This course will provide students with a basic understanding of civic life, politics, and government.  Students will be able to break down components of local, state, and national government and see how they fit into it all by understanding the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a constitutional democracy and a framework for competent and responsible participation in the 21st century.


    This course focuses on supplementing student understanding of government concepts with hands-on learning experiences, in both school and in the community.  These will include guest speakers, field trips, community service, attending public meetings, and individual assignments that will take students out of the classroom and into the community.


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    • Discover how the government is and will be involved in your life.
    • Actively participate in all class activities.
    • Pay close attention to local, state, and national news.
    • Use the projects to explore personal interests and the role government has and can have in your areas of interest.
    • Be respectful by listening to others, following directions, and using appropriate language.
    • Keep all cell phones away or they will be put in the cell phone bin for the remainder of class
      • If the student refuses, still uses the phone, or it is in the bin daily, parent contact will be made and a referral written.
    • Complete all meeting requirements
    • Complete 20 hours of community service



    Your grade will be computed using a total points system.  (Example:  450/490 points = 92%)

    1st Quarter: 40%

    2nd Quarter: 40%

    Final Exam: 20%


    Homework and Attendance Policy:

    All homework and projects are expected to be turned in on time.  Points will be taken off for every day an assignment is late.  If a student is legally absent, no points will be taken but the assignment is due the next class.  We will work primarily on paper.  Everything we do in class will be put in Google Classroom as well so you can be prepared and keep up when you are absent.  



    Charged Chromebook




    Extra Help:  I will be available to you every day after school at 2:20-2:45.  I am also off blocks 3A, 3B, and 4B.  I can be found in my room (261) or the Social Studies office (260).

    All work for Participation in Government can be found in our Google Classroom.  Please log in for assignments.