• This is a blank page that can be any color you want. This was created by defining a table that had only one cell and then editing the table to fill the cell with a background color.
    To change the color, do the following:
    • Put your cursor on this colored screen and Right-Click to display a menu
    • Click on Table Options (Or cursor over Table Options and Select Properties from the sub-menu)
    • Click on Table Options tab
    • Click on the box with the color in it; the color selector grid will pop up
    • Select the color you want
    • Click on OK
    • Repeat until you find a color you like
    • Delete this text and type your own text
    PS As you type in this colored area, it will expand to fit your text. If you put your cursor OUTSIDE this box and type, it will not be colored.
Last Modified on November 15, 2016