• The remaining in-class assignments for Advanced Drawing and Painting are self-directed.  Every 2 weeks (see due dates below) from this point on, you will have a piece due. This work of art should be complete and of portfolio quality. 
    You are expected to have a finished piece to hang for critique, no excuses!!!! If you are sick, make arrangements. 5 points will be taken from your grade for each day (including weekends) that it is late. There is no additional homework from now on. You are to be working on your pieces in and out of class. Figure out a way to transport your work or become very comfortable with staying after.
    See the sub links to this page for the individual assignments. When you are choosing the pieces you are going to create, think carefully about your portfolio and which assignments may be useful in making it more complete. The number one answer from colleges when asked by prospective students "what should I be doing" is... "WORK FROM LIFE!!!"                            
    ** If you are working on an assignment which requires a still life, you may use reference photos when you are away from the subject... you may not create the entire piece from a photo.
    ** Each of the assignments requires you to plan and sketch in your sketchbook. Some have very specific preliminary preparation activities. Make sure you are doing this... 20% of your grade is following directions and showing me your process!!! 
    Piece #1  March 14
    Piece #2  April 5
    Piece #3  April 18
    Piece #4  May 2 (*7)
    Piece #5  May 17
    Piece #6  June 5* tbd
Last Modified on April 3, 2024