• Psychological Space
    Imparting emotion without using a figure
    Attempt to create strong feelings or sentiment (a psychological space) through the manipulation of space, light and perspective.
    Horror movies are not lit like department stores because that isn't scary. If you wanted to portray claustrophobia, would you paint an open field of flowers? The use of perspective can help portray different emotions and feelings in your work, ie. looking up with respect or fear (worms eye); looking down in pity, disgust or superiority (birds eye).
    The lists below contain various ideas to help you get started. You may pick and choose from the list or come up with your own formula.  Just make sure you address all 3. Collect reference and research then work out several ideas in your sketchbook before you begin.  
    Size: 18in. by 24in.
    Media: Open - choose a media that will enhance the psychology of your space.
    a bedroom
    an elevator
    inside a box
    on the roof
    inside a cellar
    a single bare bulb
    a candle or fire light
    dawn or dusk
    a car headlight
    looking upward
    looking downward
    up or down stairs
    at an angle
    looking across
Last Modified on February 27, 2023