Using more than one media in a work of art.
    Research artists who work in mixed media (minimum 5).  Take notes and make sketches (or print images) of their work.  Robert Rauschenberg, Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella and Romare Bearden all work in this style, but there are others.
    Create a mixed media triptych* which makes a statement.  This statement can be political, social, personal or religious. 
    • Your piece must be composed of 3 panels/pieces/parts
    • Options for a surface are open; matt board, cardboard, glass, wood and plastic are all acceptable.  Do some searching; you never know what you may find.
    • Make creative media choices – there are tons of options beyond paint, pencils and other basic studio materials – fabric, metallic objects, photos, sewing patterns, cut paper, transfers…  the choices are limitless
    • Composition – think about your composition, some of the most effective mixed media pieces are not read from “left to right” and “top to bottom” - Non traditional arrangements will work well for this
    • Layering – create depth and visual interest by layering your materials and images
    • Think outside the box
    • MAKE A STATEMENT!!!  Really sell your piece – strive to draw your viewer in and make them see your point of view.
    • Remember that if you use text in your piece than you need to treat it as a design element.
    • Keep in mind that this is a Drawing and Painting class, not a Sculpture class... this piece should reflect that.
    *  Triptych from the Greek "triptychos," formed by combining "tri-" ("three") and "ptyche" ("fold" or "layer"). Although "triptych" originally described a specific type of Roman writing tablet that had three hinged panels, it makes sense that the word was adopted first for a three-paneled painting, and then to include anything composed of three parts. "Triptych" can even be used as a synonym for "trilogy."
    Link to Chloe Dricoll's website and various photos of her triptych "Deconstructing Femininity"  http://chloedriscoll.portfoliobox.io/notjustfrills-c48s
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