3/29 (Sunday): Students please check your school email to retrieve the personal message I sent to each of you on Thursday, March 26th. It contains the code to sign up for google classroom.

Posted by Miquel Cohn on 3/29/2020

On Monday 3/30 the objective is to (1) register for our class using the code provided (2) complete a collaborative google document to participate/connect with any positive or negative feelings/experiences we have had during our 2 week dismissal from school (obviously at your discretion and at your level of comfort).  This will also give me insight into your initial feelings towards online learning and how any siblings you have at home that are also participating in online learning from our district.   While THIS page will remain open, my hope is to keep utilizing google classroom.  If I find that our initial class page offers a more direct approach, we can transition back to this site. NO CONTENT WILL BE COVERED ON OPENING DAY. For those of you who still owe work or have forgotten to turn in past due work, please use this chance to scan and email any past due documents. 


AS OF NOW: My office hours will be held from 1pm-2pm, where I can be available for direct chat/contact.  My thought is that this gives you enough time to look at the lesson of the day/open any necessary documents/formulate questions directly related to that days content if you have any.  This does not mean you can not email me throughout the school day (8 a.m- 2:45), it just means that at that time I will be taking direct responses.