• 3/29 (Sunday): Students please check your school email to retrieve the personal message I sent to each of you on Thursday, March 26th. It contains the code to sign up for google classroom.

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 3/29/2020

    On Monday 3/30 the objective is to (1) register for our class using the code provided (2) complete a collaborative google document to participate/connect with any positive or negative feelings/experiences we have had during our 2 week dismissal from school (obviously at your discretion and at your level of comfort).  This will also give me insight into your initial feelings towards online learning and how any siblings you have at home that are also participating in online learning from our district.   While THIS page will remain open, my hope is to keep utilizing google classroom.  If I find that our initial class page offers a more direct approach, we can transition back to this site. NO CONTENT WILL BE COVERED ON OPENING DAY. For those of you who still owe work or have forgotten to turn in past due work, please use this chance to scan and email any past due documents. 


    AS OF NOW: My office hours will be held from 1pm-2pm, where I can be available for direct chat/contact.  My thought is that this gives you enough time to look at the lesson of the day/open any necessary documents/formulate questions directly related to that days content if you have any.  This does not mean you can not email me throughout the school day (8 a.m- 2:45), it just means that at that time I will be taking direct responses. 

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  • 3/16 B day classes: please submit your weathering HW (1-16) via email. It can be scanned OR you send photo images! For any A day students absent last Friday, you may do the same-note, this is not due until we start online classes, however you can send it

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 3/16/2020
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  • 3/16 Monday: I hope you are all taking care of yourselves in light of this very uncertain time. Remember that fresh air, a walk in the woods, a bike ride or jog is your best medicine and completely safe!

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 3/16/2020

    I will be accepting test corrections from your geologic history unit exam online. (please use your school email to contact me).  Please take a photo of your scanned scranton and attach typed test corrections with your explanations for %25 credit back. Just as with normal extra help after school, I would be glad to take questions via email. For any student who has yet to make up the weathering rates lab from Monday 3/9 A or Tuesday 3/10 B, please know you can easily do this lab/experiment at home using alka seltzer tablets if you have them on hand! The lab is located in our class resource page under our surface processes unit.  Anything can be opened in Microsoft word and emailed to me.  

    I will continue to update our class page with further direction from administration in event that remote teaching take place. For now I am asking for all students to take this opportunity to make up missed work from prior absences and/or late/incomplete work (all lab workasudual are under class page resources). There are no current required new assignments.  As of 3/13 we have covered all of weathering (environmental factors and physical vs chemical weathering examples)- lesson videos have already been posted for these previously taught topics under class resources, surface processes (unit 6), lesson videos. 


    Miss Cohn 3/15

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  • 3/11 A 3/12 B: Pg 2-4 of weathering HW packet (regents questions on weathering 1-16)

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 3/11/2020
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  • 3/9 A 3/10 B: HW: Pg. 1 of weathering HW packet (#1-11 "weathering and climate), Rates of Weathering Lab due Next class in addition

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 3/9/2020
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  • 3/3 A 3/4 B: Prepare for your UNIT EXAM on geologic history Thursday (A) Friday (B)- Castle learning Exam prep due at the start of class the day of your exam

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 3/3/2020

    Topics include:

    1.) The geologic timeline- page 8-9 of your reference table (always use it as one chart!)- infering the age of appearence and extinction of different groups of organisms, index fossils, geologic events, changes to our atmosphere, mass extinctions.  Be able to locate time intervals that have a full or partial rock record in NYS, or which time periods we are compeltely missing (due to unconformities)

    2.) NYS geology- pg. 2 and 3 of the regerence table- be able to locate specific regions (pg. 2 of esrt) or locations (cities) where one one find specific aged bedrock containing index fossils found in page 8-9 of the ESRT

    3.) Relative dating- be able to interpret the geologic history of a rock sequence/outcrop using the principles outlined in your note packet (like the principle of superposition). This involves stating which layer/event came first (is the oldest) and which layer/event came last (is the yougnest)- keep in mind unocnformities exist in real life (and in the regents questions)

    4.) Correlation- an extension of relative dating- we can use multiple rock outcrops and compare the sequencing and/or the presence of index fossils and ash to "match" rock layers to give a better understanding of the relative geologic history. 

    5.) Absolute dating-Radioactive decay (how we get numerical ages on rocks/fossils).- be able to use information from pg. 1 of your esrt to infer/calculate the age of a fossil/rock using percentages, fractions, or quantitiative amounts of radioactive substances (parents) vs. the stable isotopes (daughters) in a sample.  Be able to interpret graphs which depict radioactive decay over time.  Know the dating range that is useful for C-14. Know why this method is consistant with time

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  • 2/28 A 3/2 B: Radioactive dating lab (skittles) due next class

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 2/28/2020

    *Cumulative Unit Exam on Geologic history will be next Thursday 3/5 for A day classes and Fridyay 3/6 for B day classes

    -Geologic time line and NYS rock record (pg. 2-3, 8-9 of ESRT)

    -Relative dating - order of events, correlation of multiple outcrops

    -Radiometric Dating/Absolute Dating methods 


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  • 2/26 A 2/27 B: HW Radiometric dating Q's 1-8 (Front of worksheet only, NOT graph on back) Review quiz turned back and correlation in class review- QUIZ next class on Correlation/relative dating

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 2/26/2020
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  • 2/24 A 2/25 B: HW: Complete the correlation lab from class

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 2/24/2020
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  • 2/20 A 2/21 B: Study for your quiz on the geologic timeline +nys geology (page 3 and 8-9) ESRT, as well as principles of relative dating (order of events/rock sequences). CASTLE LEARNING QUIZ PREP ASSIGNED and due the day of quiz (Monday A Tuesday B)

    Posted by Miquel Cohn on 2/20/2020
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