• Coding at Code.org  This link will bring you to the variety of coding options that we try during the Hour of Code week in December.  This is different than the lessons, and can still teach skills.


    Code.org for lessons


    LittleBits in Action with Dean!

     Getting to know LittleBits, with Dean part 1   world 1  

    part 2

    Creating images to run with a code. 


    The Hour of Code is a week-long challenge/celebration of computer science to encourage people to see what coding is all about by DOING it!  Official dates for 2019 are December 9 - 15, but you don't have to wait till December to check out this year's offerings. Go there now!

    Hour of Code dates highlight Computer Science Education Week.   

    This week was chosen to honor the birthday of Commodore Grace Hopper (December 9, 1906). She was a computer scientist who worked in the field of programming languages.

         Grace Hopper has a Hudson Valley connection.  What is it?


    Read about her in the Lenape Library: GraceHopper    Call # B (Biography)  Hopper





     tesselation  Created by a Lenape student Spring 2018

    Check out these short videos of students working with "Little Bits" circuits, Spring 2018

    circuits 1 circuits 2    circuits 3    circuits 4  circuits 5    circuits 6


     BrainPOP offers a playground of choices for Coding Exploration and understanding. Our school access info is located on the password pathfinders available in the Library and posted in the Labs.

    Type "Coding" in the search box and scroll down to Computer Science and Coding. The Topics tab has 2-3 minute videos with Tim and Moby.  The Games tab has several options, for which some students will be gladly challenged.  For "Sure Success" direct students to Maze Blockly.  This mimics the Coding Coursework we have been using at Code.org.



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