• Typing.com is the most recent typing program provided by the District to encourage the use of consistent practice to build accuracy with two-handed typing. Students access this program through Classlink, found on every District webpage, using school IDs and passwords.  The program picks up from wherever the student left off. It can be accessed in school and off campus.


    Getting to know the keyboard is a key to success! 

     Some call it "typing". Some call it "word processing".  It is the ability of your fingers to know how to reach the letters on a keyboard and help make words and sentences as easily as you think them!  It takes practice!  If you've ever tried a musical instrument or a sport, you know that practice is the key!


    Dance Mat typing is a favorite program that teaches "home row", feeling for the bumps on "f" and "j", and trying not to look at the keyboard.  Unfortunately it does not "save your spot" in terms of the lessons it offers.


    homerow   Dance Mat Typing!        



Last Modified on March 20, 2023