•  Getting to know the keyboard is a key to success! 

     Some call it "typing". Some call it "word processing".  It is the ability of your fingers knowing how to reach the letters on a keyboard that help you make words and sentences as easily as you think them!  It takes practice!  If you've ever tried a musical instrument or a sport, you know that practice is the key!


    Each of the programs below focus on the "home row" where fingers rest.  The practice sessions for both programs remind students to feel for  "the bumps" on the "f" and "j" keys with the index finger; And, to not look at the keyboard while practicing.  

     Each program has a series of lessons.  Stick with it for best results!  These programs are accessible from any internet connected computer.


    homerow   Dance Mat Typing!        


    typing    Typing Club!    

Last Modified on September 25, 2020