• What is a citation?

         When you are doing an assignment which includes research - or "looking anything up" - the resources you use become a part of your completed work. The place where you state your resources is called the Works Cited page. Resources can be in print, electronic, video, audio, in-person interview; primary sources from history, private collections of individuals.

    Electronic resources we access through Classlink provide citation information to be copied and pasted into your Works Cited page, as you move along in your searching and determine what information will be included in your presentation.


    Book in print:

    Author Last Name, First Name.  Title of Book.  Publisher, Date of Publication.

    Following is a link to an online citation generator.  Knowing how to fill it in is important for the information to be formatted correctly.

    Knight Cite


    Cite article

Last Modified on June 6, 2022