• Use the following resources to find information about the explorer you are researching.  Each resource will offer information slightly different ways.    

    Some tips: In the search box at each resource you use, you might begin with the explorer's name. Try getting in the habit of putting in the last name, first name
    Remember that many places  - towns, rivers - have been named after explorers, so read carefully.  You are looking for the person!

    New York's European Explorers headphones an e-book specific to the Explorers in New York and their interactions with the Native Peoples here. Glossary, timeline, maps. citations provided, lower left side: Faust, Daniel R., and Amelie von Zumbusch. New York’s European Explorers. Rosen Publishing, 2015. Rosen Learning Center, www.rosenlearningcenter.com/article/817.

    Lightbox Digital - no password needed -  type "Explorers" in search box. 


    Pebble Go Next- users outside of school will need access codes (lenape / read)


     Britannica encyclopedia online headphones (citations provided)

    World Book encyclopedia online headphones   (citations provided)


    The Mariners' Museum - Exploration through the Ages. Find most explorers here.
      Under Resources tab: Several options for printable materials/activities relating to explorers, their tools, etc.
    citation example for this website:
    "Amerigo Vespucci."  The Mariner's Museum.  Mariner's Museum & Park, 2018, marinersmuseum.org. 
    17 April 2018.
    If this website is used, students may copy and paste this citation example for their Works Cited page, and appropriately change the article title to the explorer they read about; and the "date accessed/viewed" to reflect that date correctly.




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