Responding to Persephone, Bringer of Spring


    Declan            Zoe        PH

    Dancing in the Flowers, Declan                                             Cottage of Healing, Zoe                            Plants Grow Again!, Philip


                                                                                Spring and Fall, Ava


           Bare ground and growth, Caris                      

    Edward     To the underworld           Aliyah    

     Picking flowers,  Edward                                  To the Underworld! Matthew                            Flower, Aliyah


    Hallie          Jimin              Ruby

    Map of the Crime Scene, Hallie                                In the Darkness, Jimin                    In the Field of Flowers, Ruby


    William         Isabelle          Olivia  

    A Violet, William                                     Mother and Daughter, Isabelle                       The pomegranate seeds, Olivia


    Stella   Zach    Waverly

    Snatched, Stella                                                  Crossing the River, Zach                      Crack to the Underworld, Waverly



    green              Gerald       Evan

    The Green of Spring                    Your chariot awaits, Gerald                 Hades and Pomegranate seeds, Evan


    Mahnez                     Blake             Ashley

         Princess Spring, Mahnez                                                  Into the Depths, Blake                              Spring Blooming, Ashley


     Ela              Sophia            J          

                       Demeter is Sad, Ela                                           Flowers and Sunshine!, Sofia                           Mom, Josie

    Flower            Suly                    persephone   

     Flower, Ruthie                                                     Happy, Suly                                               Making a Deal, Sam




          Saskia                  Jackson                Sebastien

     Reunited, Saskia           Hades, King of Erebus and Persephone, thronesJackson    Into the underworld, Sebastien



    Josh          Anthony       Ellie

      Kidnapped!, Josh                                        Together, Anthony                                    Picking Violets, Ellie



    Alexis                         Julia                                  

          Danger Lurks while picking violets, Alexis                  Picking Flowers, Julia    


                      The Chariot Awaits, Lauren



       Isabella                                      Willow

     I Promise to Return, Isabella                                                                    The whimsy of picking flowers, Willow



    Kiara            Ruby            Ruby

    Persephone and the Chariot, Kiara               A Bird's Eye View of a Grassland, Ruby            The Thrones, Ruby



    Blake              Keegan

     The Dark World, Blake                                        Rivers of Fire and Darkness, Keegan





     The Littlest Voyageur   The Littlest Voyageur written by Margi Preus pictures by Cheryl Pilgrim

    I am sharing this historical, fantasy novel outloud for anyone to wants to hear it. I've read it, and love Jean Pierre Petite Le Rouge and I want to share his story. The historical aspect is the story's setting - 1792 in the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, following the Ottawa River from Montreal. The fantasy? Our hero is a red squirrel, and he tells his story.

    We start...page 1 - 9       pages 10-18


    December, by Eve Bunting

        There have been some beautiful responses to this story. I am happy to share some of them, here:

         JiminDec    Jimin      Sophia  Sophia         Melanie  Melanie


         Caris   Caris    Ellie     Ellie      Saskia   Saskia




    The Proudest Blue    The proudest blue a story of hijab and family
    Author: IbtihaMuhammad, 2019





    Talking about the book











    Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French




    Suspense Stories Around the Campfire morning session- Oppenheimer/Bulson 5th grade

    Suspense Stories Around the Campfire afternoon session



    Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

    trailer     book talk


    White Bird by R. J. Palacio

    book talk


    Telling stories continues to be the way we connect to each other as individuals and with the universal aspects of being a human being on the earth.  Many ways to tell a story - where to start? 


    Create an Alphabet Organizer with words and images of your choice.  Listen for directions for saving. REMEMBER - once you have saved your work, you must come back to this Alphabet Organizer link to continue working.


    Sometimes we hear a story and it touches us in such a way that we have to respond to it.

     Mrs. Burdick read the book, Mr. Cornell's Dream Boxes by Jeanette Winter, to her class. It is a true story.  The next day, a student in the class brought in a Dream Box of her own. 

    Click here to see the Box and hear the student talk about it.


    Kazu Kibuishi is the author of the Amulet stories.  At this link, listen to him talk about where his ideas came from and how they've grown and changed. Click on the link for "video interview".  See him in his studio and meet the team that assists his work.  There are book trailers for Amulet #1, The Stonekeeper, and Amulet #4, The Last Council.

    Introducing Amulet #8, Supernova. Available September 2018.

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