Do you have a Library Card from your Public Library? It is a passport to Adventure!  It is free for the asking.  Local Public Libraries have their hours posted at their website. Services vary from library to library. Elting Library, New Paltz and Gardiner Library are linked at the bottom of this page.
     Enter/Open the online Lenape Library catalogue, here
    OPALS   is our system for accessing (getting to) the Books in the Lenape Library. It stands for  
    OPen-source Automated Library System, also referred to as an On-line Public Access Catalog
       A great feature of our book catalog is Your Access to Making a Comment on a book! Your posted comment gives you bragging rights as an online, published writer.  Your comments can be sent to Ms. Lis-Simmons from any internet connected device, so comments don't have to be written during the school day.
    Know the Key! When you use an online catalog to locate a book, you will write down the "Call #".  This is the address for where the book lives in the Lenape Library. Below are some reminders.  Always ask when you have a question.




     Public Library catalogs can often help find a book that is not in the school library.  With your own public library card titles can be ordered on-line and delivered to the library of your choice (closest to where it is convenient).  Ask for more details.

    Gardiner Library, Gardiner, NY
Last Modified on November 15, 2023