•  Third grade students heard several stories this Fall each featuring a main character with observable, and not-so observable, qualities and characteristics.  The titles and authors of the books are featured on the cover of each classroom slide presentation.

    Students used a program called paintz.app to create their portrait. They are learning to identify icons that are used in several programs they will eventually use for writing, creating, saving and retrieving. Students inserted their portrait into a Google slide and then inserted a "speaking bubble" to ask and answer the question, "What am I?"

    Manipulating objects and text, using a mousepad for copy and pasting, and toggling between tabs, are all part of the digital literacy that can be integrated with responding to stories and informational text. We practice and gain confidence. Our students are inspired!


    Makow Classroom


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     Longbotham / Christensen Classroom 

Last Modified on March 15, 2023