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    Hey Intro to Algebra Srudents. 

    As you know, the last two weeks have been classified as snow days and spring break, but starting tomorrow, Monday, March 30th, it will be time to resume learning.

    Mrs. Sherburne and I are switching over to GOOGLE CLASSROOM. You will receive an invitation through your school email account by the end of Monday, March 30th. Once you join, you will see each lesson which will include a short video and a review worksheet. For this week, you will not be required to submit any work.

    This will be a learning process for all of us, so do not be anxious. We will be available for help and guidance. The most important thing is your physical and mental health. 

    There are a couple of options to have success with each lesson. If you have a printer, you can print out the worksheet provided on the classwork page of google classroom. Watch the video first to review the concepts.  If you don't have a printer, follow along with the video with a notebook next to you to allow you to do some practice and take some notes. Do the homework in your notebook. 

    Check Google Classroom each day to see what's next. 

    I know some of you have questions about making up missed work (quizzes, tests, homeworks, etc), and making corrections, and how grading will work. Unfortunately we do not have all the answers just yet. As soon as we figure it all out, we will let you know. DO NOT be concerned. We will figure it out together.

    Again, you are not required to submit any work this week. We are working on the honor system!

    Mrs. Sherburne and I will be available to answer questions via email for this week. More information about specific office hours will be available next week. Don't hesitate to reach out.

    Again, relax and do not be concerned. We will figure this out and get through it together. Your teachers miss you and are looking forward to communicating with you and continuing your education.


  • HW due 3/16

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 3/12/2020

    HW Worksheet labeled 'Subtract the polynomials' and 'Worksheet #2'

    QUIZ ON 3/16 !!

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  • HW due 3/12

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 3/10/2020

    HW due 3/12 is the Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Sheet

    There are 10 problems.

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  • No HW due 3/10

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 3/6/2020

    No HW due 3/10

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  • HW due 3/6

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 3/4/2020
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  • HW due 3/4

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 3/2/2020

    Hw due 3/4 is the last page of the 3/2 class packet labeled Practice.


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  • HW due 3/2 There will be a quiz on this on 3/2!

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 2/27/2020

    HW sheet: Simplifying Algebraic Expression

    1) 3 - 8(-6w + 9)                6) 9 - 4(-5 - 8w)

    2) -4w + 9(5 - 7W)             7) 4 ( 5 - 3b)

    3) 7 (-8 - 4d)                     8) 7 (-8r - 6) + 2r

    4) -4 (8 - 5x)                     9) -5 (-4 - 3r) + 9

    5) 8 ( -9b + 4)                   10) 3 (2f + 5)

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  • HW due 2/27

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 2/25/2020

    HW due 2/27 is a handwritten sheet practicing use of the distributive property and gathering like terms.

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  • HW due 2/25

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 2/21/2020

    3 questions on the back of the notesheet What is the Distributive Property:

    1) 12 (x-4)

    2) -8 (y+12)

    3) - (X-11)

    (Skip the Reflection at the bottom).

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  • HW due 2/21

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 2/19/2020

    Distributive Property Note do page 3 only!!!

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  • HW due 2/19 Quiz on 2/19

    Posted by Sue Sherburne on 2/13/2020

    Combining Like Terms Puzzle

    Quiz on combining like terms on 2/19

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