• Algebra 2  2019-2020 Scope and Sequence


       1.Essential Skills 

       2.Domain and Range 

       3.Inverse Functions 


       5.Quest (and Lesson 2-1)


    II.Linear Functions

       1.Essential Skills

       2.Linear Equation 

       3.Absolute Value and Piecewise Functions

       4.Linear Equations Algebraically 

       5.System of linear equations in 2 variables 




     III.Exponential  and Logarithmic Functions

        1.Essential Skills 

        2. Exponential Growth and Decay 

        3. Interest and Mortgage Problems and Discovering e

        4. Intro to Logs and Log Properties

        5. Solving Log Equations

        6. Apps – Newton’s Law of Cooling

        7. Test


    IV. Sequences and Series

        1.Essential Skills 

        2.Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences 

        3.Recursive Sequences

        4.Arithmetic and Geometric Series 

        5.Summation Notation and review





        1.Essential Skills

        2.Factoring Trinomials

        3.Solve Quadratic Equations

        4.Solve Quadratic Inequalities

        5.Completing the Square and Review Circle Equation 

        6.Vertex Form of a Quadratic

        7.Locus Definition of a parabola

        8.Systems of Equations

        9.Apps (include modeling)



    VI.Radical Functions and Complex Numbers

        1.Essential Skills

        2.Solving radical equations graphically and algebraically 

        3.Complex Numbers Operations including Powers of i

        4. Quadratic Formula with complex roots

        5. Apps



        1.Essential Skills – parent functions and shifting functions

        2.Reflecting functions; Even and Odd Functions

        3.Vertical stretching and Compressing

        4.Horizontal stretching and compressing




    VIII.Power Functions

         1.Essential Skills

         2.Solving Graphically and Algebraically

         3.Factored Form of Polynomial

         4.Polynomial Identities (Do Now – big review)

         5.Rational Functions – undefined values/restricted domains and simplify

         6.Multiply Divide Rational Functions

         7.Add and Subtract Rational Functions

         8.All Operations

         9.Polynomial Long Division 

         10.Polynomial Long Division with remainder

         11.Remainder Theorem

         12.Solving Fractional Equations/ Inequalities





          1.Essential Skills –Angles in standard position (reference, co-terminal – degrees)

          2.Radian Measure and arc length

          3.Unit Circle and Review SOH CAH TOA

          4.Evaluate sin and cos and Pythagorean identity

          5.Graphing Sine and Cosine/Transformations of sine and cosine

          6.Modeling sine and cosine

          7.Tangent – quotient identity




    X. Probability

          1.Essential Skills

          2.Set Theory

          3.Conditional Probability




    XI. Statistics

          1.Essential Skills

          2.Variability and Population Parameters

          3.Normal Distribution and Z scores

          4.Sample Means and Proportions

          5.Regressions and Scatter Plots



    Algebra 2 Regents



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