Practices and Expectations
     NPHS- 2019/2020


    Vision Statement  

    We envision our graduates as mathematically complex thinkers who can effectively communicate their understanding, can appreciate the beauty of mathematics, and are prepared for the challenges of life beyond high school. 

    Mission Statement 

    Students will be effective, reflective, and confident when working independently and collaboratively on math problems. Students will engage in authentic open-ended and/or multi-step problems, find and use appropriate resources to help solve problems, and be advocates for their own learning. Students will “make sense of problems and persevere in solving them” and “construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others” (Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice). 



    • Come to class every day and be on time! 

    • Come to class with all your supplies and completed homework assignment. 

    • Participate in class by taking notes, working with others to practice problems, and having a “can do” attitude! 

    • Only one person speaks at a time and if I am speaking, you shouldn’t be! 



    • 1-2 inch loose-leaf binder with paper 

    • loose-leaf paper 

    • zippered pencil case (optional but recommended) 

    • 1 two pocket folder 

    • Sharpened pencils (preferred) or erasable pens

    •  TI-84 recommended however directions to the online emulator is on the homework page



    • Each block class covers 80 minutes of math material. Students need to be present in class to learn the material. In the event of a legal absence, it is the responsibility of the student  to check my website for homework and quiz announcements and see me immediately  upon their return to school. 


    I want all of our students to have a successful year in math. It is essential that students devote the necessary time and effort by doing their homework every night, completing study portfolios for each unit and studying their notes for quizzes and tests. 



    • Homework is expected to be completed and on time. It is an essential piece to the learning process. Students will be given the opportunity to ask questions on the homework every day. Homework will be collected and graded at random. Credit for late homework will only be given if the assignment is completed with me. (All homework is posted on my school website.) 



    Grading policies: 

    • Your 10 week average is calculated using the points you have earned divided by the points possible multiplied by 100 to get your percent grade. 


    • Quizzes and Tests:  

    • Quizzes are announced in the previous class and on my website.  If a student is absent when the quiz is announced, they are required to take the quiz the same time as the rest of the class.  

    • Tests are announced a week in advance and on my website.  Students will have a review assignment and a study portfolio to complete to help them prepare for the test. Tests are cumulative. 

    • If a student is absent the day of a quiz or test and has not made up the assessment by the next class, they will be required to take it during the next class period. It is highly recommended that students stay after school to make up the quiz/test, so they do not miss another lesson. 


    • Reflective Portfolio:  

    • Upon completion of each unit, students will reflect on their learning by creating a one page summary using the unit outline provided.  If the portfolio is not complete at the time the test is given, then credit will not be given for test corrections. 


    • Regents Review Assignments: 

    • Regents Reviews will be given to access students' abilities to answer regents questions. This will also enable them to spiral through the curriculum on an ongoing basis.  



    Test Recovery Policy ( For students who have completed their portfolios by the time the test is given) 


    Unit tests 

    Students who have completed test corrections will be awarded a 10/10 quiz grade to boost their average.  

    Quizzes with a total point value of 20 or more: 

    Students who have completed quiz corrections will be awarded a 5/5 quiz grade to boost their average.  


    Students who have earned below an 85% (mastery level) must do their corrections with me after school. Students who have earned 85% or higher, may complete corrections on their own, but must include work and/or explanations.  All corrections must be handed in the day before the next unit test is given. 

    Math support: 

    • I am available to help students from 2:20 PM to 2:45 PM daily unless there is a faculty/department meeting. However, I am often available after 2:45 PM and I post my after school hours weekly.  

    • Students should feel free to get help on homework, go over a lesson, get extra practice on a topic, etc. 

    • There will be regular review sessions to help all students preparing for the  REGENTS in June.  

    • My Website has daily HW posted, upcoming unit test dates, helpful lesson support, regents prep links and more! 



    • Communication is the key to a successful relationship! 

    • You will receive 5 week progress reports and then 10 week report card grades to let you know how your child is progressing. 

    • Student grades are available online for your convenience through your parent portal. 

    • Please feel free to contact me with any concerns about your child. 





Last Modified on September 3, 2019