• Play Your Grade Scales STANDINGS


    Play Your Grade Scale Assignment


    For your 2nd quarter playing test grade, I am asking all band students to perform major scales on their instrument.  Scale sheets are available on Google Classroom, or from me.

    Here are the requirements:

    Seniors -12 major scales

    Juniors - 11 Major Scales

    Sophomores - 9 Major Scales 

    Freshmen - 7 Major Scales


    ***Any student who signs up and auditions for All County Band as a 9th grade student,  is EXCUSED from this playing assignment with full marks!***


    You may use music as you play your scales.  You can play them at any time in lessons (but you have to ASK me.... so I know to write it down).  This may get tough to do as the quarter goes on, and I get busier listening to scales!


    You can ALSO use your phone to record a video and upload it to our Google Classroom site.  


    Good Luck!  Mr. N