English 9 Course Outline

    Ms. DePoala

    Voice Mail:  256-4175 ext 1689



    My expectations for you as my student:

    • You will take risks with your writing

    • You will write and read A LOT!

    • You will take ownership of what you write and read

    • You will talk  A LOT about what you write and what you read

    • You will take yourself seriously and work to your potential.

    • You will try to accept that learning can be a messy process.

    • You will try to become a self-directed, curious and resourceful learner.


    • Read for pleasure (lifelong reader)

    • Literary analysis

    • Identifying a variety of texts 

    • Rhetorical analysis

    • Understanding WHY WE READ.

    • Self-evaluating – what do I like to read and why? What am I good at reading? Why do I struggle with certain types of texts?

    • Building a respectable base of knowledge (articles of the week)

    • Understanding that reading is complex and there is not always a clear-cut answer to our inquiries. 

    Writing Goals:

    • Understanding why we write

    • Learning when, why and how to elaborate

    • Experimenting with all kinds of writing without repercussions in your writer’s notebook

    • Practicing and formalizing many forms of writing 

    • Self-evaluating 

    • Revisiting grammar and punctuation rules

    • self editing 


    • Excerpts from The Thing around your Neck by Chimamanda Adichie

    • Stories from One World: a Global Anthology of Short Stories

    • The Crucible by Arthur Miller

    • Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare(drama)

    • Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

    • The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater 

    • Poetry   

    • Non-fiction articles 

    • SSR – sustained silent reading books

    Sustained Silent Reading

    Many of you may already read for pleasure and many of you may not.  Reading books for fun often falls to the sidelines once school starts in the fall.  Your lives are filled with homework, after school activities, and fun with friends. The ssr program is a way to allow you to keep this part of your life alive and to keep you on the path towards being a life-long reader! We will be recreationally reading in class. This is an essential part of the curriculum. There are no book reports, projects, mandatory number of pages, or quizzes for this. The goal is that you read for fun. 


    Vocabulary & Grammar
    I believe the best way to improve your vocabulary is to read A LOT. But, memorization of vocabulary words certainly helps along the way.  You will be learning around 20 words a month and one new grammar rule a week.  Every Thursday or Friday (depending on which day our class falls) we will have a multiple choice vocabulary and grammar quiz. 


    Google Classroom

    In the classwork section of the Google Classroom, you will find my agenda for the day and the homework assignments when you have them. If you are absent, you are responsible for the missed assignments. If I am absent, you are responsible for doing all of the work assigned via Google Classroom while there is a substitute teacher facilitating the lesson. 


    Late Work

    Time management is an essential part of the learning process. Please turn in your assignments on time. For every day (not block) late, you will receive five percent off. If you submit your work with a guardian note explaining you were unable to do your work due to illness or another circumstance, I will waive the late points and you can receive full credit. Anything after SEVEN SCHOOL days, you  can only receive a 65, no higher. 

    Understanding the Gradebook

    I will try my best to maintain up-to-date records of all your assessments. Please use the gradebook to check in with your own progress, but try to build a healthy relationship with the number you see on the screen or on the tops of your papers. Always do your best, but also know that you are so much more than your grades!

    I use the “total point” method for your quarterly grades. 

    Total points earned ÷ Total points available = Final Grade 

    • Assignments that require more work or depth of knowledge will be worth more points. Prioritize these assignments. 

    • Please note that at the beginning of each quarter, your grade will be greatly impacted by each assignment because there are not many total points available. As the quarter progresses and you have more assignments, each assignment will have less of an impact on the final grade.

    • Some assignments will receive an ungraded or an “M” for missing in the gradebook. This is to record attendance or completion/collection of assignments at the time they are due. I will not go back to revise these marks unless, for some reason, they were inaccurate in the first place. 


    Cell Phones

    • If you need to use your cell phone for a particular reason, please raise your hand and ask for permission. I will write you a pass so you can use it in the hall so you are not a distraction to the other students. 

    • If you have your cell phone out during class time without permission, you will receive a warning and you must put it away

    • If you take your cell phone out again, it will be placed in a paper bag on your desk. The bag will be stapled closed until the end of the block. 


    Extra Help

    I am available for extra help every day after school at 2:20 in room 164. This is an opportunity for you to make up work and make up time if you have exceeded your class absences. I will have a sign on my door if I am in a different room or I am at a meeting and am unavailable.  


    1. Binder (you may share it with other classes)

    2.  Folder

    3. post-it notes & highlighter

    4. Charger for chromebook - bring your charger EVERY DAY



    • Language: Words matter.  Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or other abusive language will not be tolerated. Language is powerful and we must use our powers for good! 

    • Plagiarism: Broader than simply copying work, intentional or unintentional plagiarism will always result in a conversation. We will discuss how to revise the work so that it properly gives attribution to the original creator and so that it reflects your own thoughts and ideas. If plagiarism occurs, I expect a complete revision of the assignment, otherwise no credit will be granted. In some cases, I may require an alternative assignment.

Last Modified on September 19, 2023