• Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling


       We did not get to finish the Adventure together in real, virtual, time as a group of committed readers. I wish I had thought to start this book earlier in our remote school year. Thank you to All of you who inspired me in showing your interest and enthusiasm for this character and the epic story.

    I hope all of you will complete The Sorcerer's Stone. It is true that many of you have already read this story, and it's true that you may complete this reading on your own without my voice; however, I have recorded the last chapters for you to listen to as you follow along with your books, or as you listen without a book.  Many people want to know this Harry Potter beginning, and I hope those of you reading it for the first time will be inspired to finish this and go onto The Chamber of Secrets. This has been great fun for me!


    Chapter 13   (19 minutes 31 seconds)

    Chapter 14    (21 minutes 15 seconds)

    Chapter 15   (31 minutes 13 seconds)

    Chapter 16 beginning (13 minutes)     Chapter 16b  (21 minutes 32 seconds)

    Chapter 17  (35 minutes)  Chapter 17 ending (2 minutes)

Last Modified on June 23, 2021