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    Here are the English 9 weekly sheets for the 2019-2020 school year.
     Quarter 3
    March 30, 2020 -- 
    Hello! I hope you are all happy and healthy (I miss you so much)!!
    Before we start on any academic work, I want you to know that you should email me if you are having any difficulties (any). 
    Since we cannot  meet in a physical classroom, I've moved class lessons to GoogleClassroom. All correspondence and assignments will be posted there. 
    Here's hoping that we will meet face-to-face before the schoolyear ends!
    Note on March 19: I hope that everyone is well! Please contact me if you need anything. As for now,
    I'm not posting any work, but will after the district gives us the word. It will probably be assigned on Google Classroom, since you are all registered for it. 
    I miss you all!!! Stay healthy!!
    Week 7 (March 9-13)
    Week 6 (March 2-6)
    Week 5 (Feb. 24-28)  
    Homework written on the board for A-day can be seen on this link.  
    Week 4 (Feb. 17-21) We are off Monday, Feb. 17
    Week 3 (Feb. 10-14) With the snow day, water day, and conference day this week, the printed schedule that you took in class is useless. Look below for homework:
    A day -- assigned in class Wednesday, Feb. 12; B day -- assigned Thursday: 

    Read “The Trip,” “The F-14s” and “The Jewels” then answer question 19 and complete a QCQCK sheet for “The F-14s” and the flip-side for “The Jewels.” You only need to complete QCQCK sheets for those two stories; there will be black sheets left in your QCQCK packs. 

    Week 2 (Feb. 3-7) The link shows the changes made to the printed version due to my absence on Wednesday and the delay on Thursday.
    Week 1 (Jan. 26-31)
     Homework addition for 2A -- Read "The Water Cell" and complete the study guide questions for that chapter and "The Bicycle" (we read this in class). Due Tuesday, Feb. 5.
    Quarter 2
    The English 9 Midterm is on Tuesday, January 21 in the afternoon. 
    Both sections can will be in room(s) 170-172.

    Week 9 (Jan. 13-17) Weekly sheet not printed. Class schedule listed here:

    B-day students

    Monday - Review for midterm with multiple, formation of main idea, review paragraph writing, and outline for persuasive/argumentative essay.

    A-day students

    Tuesday - Review for midterm with multiple, formation of main idea, review paragraph writing, and outline for persuasive/argumentative essay.


    Week 8 (Jan. 6-10)

    Week 7 --We only meet one day this week. We will review Schindler's List and discuss essay assignment. Homework: First draft of essay is due next class (the first day that we meet next week). We will also read about current anti-Semitic attacks in New York. Link to essay assignment 

    Week 6 (Dec. 16-20) No homework over break--have  good one!

    Week 5 (Dec. 9-13) 

    Week 4 (Dec. 2-6)
    Be sure to submit Schindler's List permission slip by Friday, Dec. 6. 
    Week 2 -- All new additions, specification updated for Night in a Day.
    Week 1 (Nov. 11-15) The weekly sheet on this link contains all updates as shown in class. 
    Link for the Night in a Day pack. 

    Quarter 1 *The last day that I can accept work for Quarter 1 is Friday, Nov. 8. If you are revising, ensure that your new, clean copy is stapled on top of all previous drafts and the rubric that I marked. If we don't meet for class that day, or I'm not in the room, put your work in the class collection drawer. 
    Week 10 (Nov. 4-8) The weekly sheet on this link contains updates.
    Another update that's not one the weekly sheet: This week's quiz is postponed to next week. 
    This is the link for the article of the week. If you are absent when I distribute them, print it and thoroughly annotate it. 
    Week 9 (Oct. 28-Nov. 1)
    Week 8 (Oct. 21-25) Additions made on sheet so that it's clear that 2A has a vocabulary quiz on Thursday. 
    Week 7 (Oct. 14-18) Weekly sheet has been changed to reflect what we did in class (2A) on Wednesday, Oct. 16.
    Week 6 (Oct. 7-11) Distributed First Writing Assignment and Rubric . Homework is to write the first draft over the weekend.
    Week 5 (Sept. 30-Oct. 4)
    Week 4(Sept. 23-27) 
    Week 3 (Sept. 16-20) - Link has the homework additions.
    Week 1 - no weekly sheet
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