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    QCQC pack for short stories

     Study Guide for class short stories

     Weekly Classwork and Assignments
    Quarter 3


    March 30, 2020 -- 
    Hello! I hope you are all happy and healthy (I miss you so much)!!
    Before we start on any academic work, I want you to know that you should email me if you are having any difficulties (any). 
    Since we cannot  meet in a physical classroom, I've moved class lessons to GoogleClassroom. All correspondence and assignments will be posted there. 
    Here's hoping that we will meet face-to-face before the schoolyear ends!


     (What a time to lose class time--if any crisis met the criteria for Science Fiction, this is it.)



    Week 7


    Note on March 19: I hope that everyone is well! Please contact me if you need anything. As for now,
    I'm not posting any work, but will after the district gives us the word. It will probably be assigned on Google Classroom, since you are all registered for it. 
    I miss you all!!! Stay healthy!!



    Thursday, March 12:

    -JG's SF to SF presentation 

    Black Mirror: Do we always want what's good for us? Can technology duplicate humanity?




    Tuesday, March 10:

    -MB's SF to SF presentation 

    - Read " 'Repent Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman" in textbook and answer questions in study guide. 



    Week 6

    Friday, March 6:

    - DM's SF to SF presentation (self-aware robots)

    - Read "That Only a Mother" in textbook and answer questions in study guide. 

    - Watch "Pioneers of Science Fiction" episode of Pioneers of Television and complete sheet. A link for the episode is here (but the quality is lacking). We finished watching after lunch. 



    Wednesday, March 4:

    - KM's SF to SF presentation (Watson AI)

    - Discuss robotics and AI: Will robotic (and AI) technology make our lives better or worse? Do we want this technology, or are others selling it to us?

    - Watch "Science Fiction" episode of Pioneers of Television and complete sheet. A link for the episode is here (but the quality is lacking). We watched about 35 minutes and will finish next class.



    Monday, March 2:

    - MM's SF to SF presentation

    - Finish "Robbie" and the study guide questions for it

    - Lab time to work out the kinks in The Robot Project



    Week 5 - Your Robot Project is due Friday. Ensure that you post a link to your web page in Google Classroom.


    Thursday, Feb. 27: African American History Day (all blocks are abbreviated except for 3rd block)

    - J.A.'s Science Fact to Science Fiction presentation

    - We'll finish this next class and have a class discussion about robots and humanity. (Finish reading "Robbie" and asnwer all study guide questions. I'll collect study guides and grade for this story as well as "The Disintigration Machine.")

    -Finish watching The Terminator (collect completed sheets).

    - After the film, go to computer lab to finish The Robot Project (ensure your project is completed and the link is posted in Google Classroom). 


    Tuesday, Feb. 25: 

    - Gio's Science Fact to Science Fiction presentation

    - Read the next section of "Robbie" (stop on page 159 after reading paragraph 155) and write more for study guide question #3. 

    - Watch more of The Terminator



    Week 4

    Friday, Feb. 21: 

    Mo's Science Fact to Science Fiction presentation

    Read "Robbie" to page 157, paragraph #122 and answer study guide question 1-3 (stop at #4).

    Lab time to continue The Robot Project; it is due Friday, Feb. 28.

    Start The Terminator 

    Sheet for The Terminator


    Wednesday, February 19: (There was no school Monday of this week.)

    J.D.'s Science Fact to Science Fiction presentation

    Review reading questions from "The Disintegration Machine." 

    Read the first part of "Robbie." 

    Introduce The Robot Project and give lab time to start it with Google Sites and Classroom.


    Week 3

     Thursday, February 13: (There was no school Monday and Tuesday of this week.)

    Study Guide for short stories distributed.

    Matt T. presents for Science Fact to Science Fiction 

    Discuss war and technology, then read "The Disintegration Machine" and answer questions.

    Week 2
    Monday, February 3: Handouts for Science Fiction categories and themes/subjects with class discussion of connections. Continue to view Planet of the Apes completing the film sheet as we progress (we will finish it next class). Links for note sheets: categories and themes/subjects
    •  Logan's video or article presentation next class for Science Fact to Science Fiction. 
    Wednesday, February 5: Finish viewing Planet of the Apes -- submit film sheet. Next
    class there's a quiz for Sci Fi categories and themes/subjects.

    Friday, February 7: Logan's presentation for Science Fact to Science Fiction. Quiz 

    for Science Fiction categories and themes/subjects. Submit Planet of the Apes film sheet. Read "The Disintegration Machine."

    Week 1
    Day 2 - Thursday, Jan. 30: teacher video for Science Fact to Science Fiction Brainstorming (packs distributed in class).
    You and Technology...In 30 Years written response assignment (collected and graded). Start examinine and analyzing our first
    film: Planet of the Apes. Film Sheet
    Day 1 - Tuesday, Jan. 28: Class introductions, name tags, student information sheet, question circles, discuss films for the course,


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