• New Paltz Board of Education asks stakeholders to oppose mandatory field tests

    On January 7, 2015, the following resolution was passed 7-0 by the Board of Education regarding its opposition to mandatory field testing of students in New York State. Parents and community residents are invited to do the same.
    A CALL TO ACTION! Oppose NY’s move to force field testing in schools
    New Paltz Central School District Response
    to the Board of Regents’ Proposal to Mandate Field Tests

    The NYS Board of Regents is currently considering an amendment to sections 100.2, 100.3, and 100.4 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education to mandate that public schools participate in stand-alone field tests. In February of 2013, the New Paltz Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution calling for a reduction in testing mandates, including stand-alone field tests. There is no research to support the assertion that standardized testing will result in gains in student achievement and whereas we object to standards that have not been field tested or fully vetted, we must reject field tests that support high stakes assessments based on these experimental standards.

    New Paltz Central School District believes that classroom time and student efforts should be used for instruction, not for the benefit of for-profit testing companies or to aid in the creation of tests that have not been proven to increase student achievement. Field tests are not required by federal law and we object to any state testing mandates that exceed federal requirements, especially when schools across New York State are struggling to meet the unfunded and overly burdensome mandates of Race to the Top.

    Neither students nor educators receive student performance results from field tests. Therefore, we believe that these tests will yield no educational benefit for our students and that in fact, this type of assessment is in violation of Pearson’s contract with NYSED which requires that assessments adhere to the American Psychological Association’s testing standards which include the test takers right to receive a timely and understandable explanation of test results.

    For all of the above reasons, New Paltz Central School District strongly rejects the use of field testing and therefore strongly objects to NYSEDs proposal to mandate field testing. Please enter this comment into the public comment record.

    Unanimously Approved 01/07/2015
    Your voice is needed to keep field testing out of NPCSD classrooms! As you now know, the Board of Regents put forth a proposal that would force school districts to participate in 40-minute stand-alone field testing, whether they believe it is in the best interests of students or not. We are asking you to join us to oppose this move. Together, we can defend education for students here in the New Paltz Central Schools and across the state. The proposed amendment can be found here.
    Please take a few minutes to email the Board of Regents, and our representatives in the New York State Legislature, to oppose making field tests mandatory.

    Here is what you can do:

    1. Open your email and copy and paste the following email addresses into the “To”line:

    2. Enter “Oppose Mandatory Field Testing of NY Students” in the “Subject” line.
    3. Include the following message: “I am a stakeholder in the New Paltz Central School District and I am writing to let you know of my STRONG OPPOSITION to the Board of Regents’ proposal that would require all school districts to administer stand-alone field testing to students. Students in New York have already endured a considerable test load brought about by Common Core and APPR. Now, more than ever, our students need leadership that is vested in preserving precious instructional time and boosting classroom learning, rather than handing it over to big business test makers. When you revisit this issue, please keep the needs our students at the forefront of the field testing discussion.”
    4. Copy the same message and email the New York State Education Department between no later than January 20, 2015, the public comment period related to the proposed amendment. The email address is NYSEDP12@nysed.gov.
    5. Share this message with friends and family in other school districts to amplify the voice of opposition to mandatory field testing.

    Thank you for joining us in this important call to action. Together, we can make a difference.
Last Modified on January 13, 2015