Board of Education Subcommittees

    Board Committees

    Audit Committee

    Purpose: Provisions of Education Law Chapter 263 of the Laws of 2005, require the Board of Education of School Districts to establish an audit committee to oversee and report upon the annual independent audit of the school district's records. Education law also requires school districts to establish an internal audit function and for the audit committee to assist the board of education in the oversight of that function. This charter provides a framework and guidance for the audit committee.

    Facilities Committee

    Purpose: The purpose of the Facilities Committee of the Board of Education will be to provide oversight and support to the administration and staff of the district and advise and recommend to the full Board of Education action pertaining to the district's facilities.

    Policy Committee

    Purpose: The purpose of the Policy Committee is to review and evaluate proposed policies and changes to existing policies, including researching and analyzing the proposals for necessity, effectiveness, legality and cost.

    Legislative Action Committe

    Purpose: This Committee was created March 3, 2010 to inform, educate and advise the BOE and community concerning legislative issues and matters affecting public education. Click for LAAC webpage.

    Ad-Hoc Board Committees

    Superintendent's Evaluation Committee

    Purpose: The purpose of the Superintendent's Evaluation Committee is to communicate the Board's evaluation of the superintendent's performance and to set the following year's Board priorities. The committee is made up of the President of the Board, the Vice President and/or the immediate Past President.

    Racial Equity Initiative Advisory Committee

    Purpose: The Racial Equity Initiative Advisory Committee shall evaluate and support the District's evolving Racial Equity Initiative in accordance to the District’s Guiding Principles and in accordance with the Board of Education’s purview and legal authority.

    District Committee Representation

    Health Advisory Committee (Two-year Term)

    Purpose: The purpose of the Health Advisory Committee (HAC) is to advise the school district on programs required by federal and state regulation and develop on behalf of the Board of Education any plans essential to compliance and/or the health of the school community.




    Matthew Williams, Chair
    Michael O'Donnell
    Diana Armstead
    *Randall Leverette (2019)
    *TBD (2020) 


    Teresa Thompson, Chair
    Matthew Williams
    Glenn LaPolt
    Maria C. Rice
    Richard Linden
    Steve Callahan
    *Michael Domitrovits (2019)
    *Jacob Lawrence (2020)
    *Vincenzo Tiberia (2019)

    Health Advisory Committee

     Sophia Skiles


    Kathy Preston, Chair
    Teresa Thomson
    Diana Armstead

    Legislative Committee

    Michael O'Donnell, Chair
    Kathy Preston
    Glenn LaPolt       
    *TBD (2020)
    *Steven Greenfield (2019)

    Racial Equity Initiative Advisory Committee

    Arielle Chiger-instructional staff (2020)
    Miranda Cangieter-community member (2019)
    Kristen Masson-Diedhiou-community member (2019)
    Cathy Sanchez-community member (2020)
    William Ball-administration (2020)
    Tricia Bowen-community member (2020)
    Deborah Fialkow-community member (2020)
    Alana-Florencio Wain-student (2019)
    Pilar Duvivier-student (2020)
    Carlos Rodriguez Murcia-student (2019)
    Paris White-student (2020)
    Richard Heyl de Ortiz-community member (2019)
    Sophia Skiles - Board of Education (2019)

    *community representative

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