District Goals

  • New Paltz Central School District

    Goals for 2023-2024 and 2024-2025


    1. Communication

             Improved communication (frequent, timely, thorough, and regular) between all constituent groups

      • District Office to parents, community, faculty, and staff
      • Building administrators to faculty, staff, and parents
      • Teachers to parents and students
      • School counselors to parents and students
      • Communication from teachers to parents
        • Extra communication for struggling students
        • Grades updated at regular intervals on Powerschool, parents informed
      • Improved webpage format
      • Continued use of social media (Facebook and Instagram)
      • Make information easy to find
      • Facilitate parent involvement in the school


    1. Academic Rigor and Literacy
    • Implement new literacy program in Duzine
    • Explore options for a new literacy program in Lenape
    • Implement progress monitoring using STAR in grades 3-8
    • Ensure implementation of tier I, II, and III instruction
    • Explore deficits in math instruction K-12
    • Examine/improve horizontal and vertical alignment across the board
    • Help students improve academic readiness including time management skills, resilience, and persistence
    • Examine the disproportionality in students taking advanced and elective courses
    • Ensure appropriate alignment of course grades and AP or Regents grades
    • Examine the rigor of all courses to ensure students are challenged and accountable.
    • Examine the readiness of our students to attend college or vocational schools
    • Explore options for student enrichment


    1. Student Absenteeism and Tardiness
    • Make students feel welcome and safe in school
    • Engage students in school so they want to come to school
    • Closely monitor student attendance
      • Follow new attendance policy with 20-day limit
      • Immediately call parents when a student is absent from school
        • Make sure parents and students know that we want them in school
      • Send letters home to parents when students have reached 5, 10, 15, 18 class absences
      • Have attendance conferences with students who have excessive absences
      • Monitor student tardiness for all classes.  Work to solve the problem for frequent offenders with parent and/or administrative intervention


         4. Health and Wellness of students 

    • Explore ways to involve more students in physical activities
    • Explore ways to get students to eat healthier
    • Educate parents on proper snacks to be sent to school with children
    • Task wellness committee with facilitating community education on healthy living
    • Ensure that social and emotional activities are happening in the schools
    • Re-implement the CAFÉ program in the high school
    • Work in partnership with the village youth center to support recreational activities for MS and HS students
    • Consider more extracurricular activities for elementary students
    • Address disproportionality with discipline
    • Monitor effectiveness of the 2023-2024 code of conduct
    • Explore and implement restorative practices in discipline
    • Collect and analyze data of students accessing
      • Astor services
      • Drop in counseling with social workers and school counselors
      • School psychologists
    • Collect and analyze data in effectiveness of SEL programming
      • New school counseling plan
      • New use of Wayfinder programming at MS
      • New instruction of life prep at HS







Last Modified on June 18, 2024