• Board of Education Members 
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    Phone: 845-256-4020   Fax: 845-256-4025  Email: boe@newpaltz.k12.ny.us
    Please note:  Email sent to members of the BOE will be received by the District Clerk.  Matters that are operational in nature and do not fall under the four main areas of Board Responsibility (see Board Overview) will be forwarded to the Superintendent for action.   Responses from this address will be made by the District Clerk on behalf of the Board of Education as directed by the Board or Board Officers.
    Michael O'Donnell-Board Vice-President (2015-2018) Glenn LaPolt Diana Armstead  Dominick Profaci
    Michael O'Donnell (2018-2021) President Glenn LaPolt (2018-2021) Vice-President Diana Armstead (2018-2021)   Dominick Profaci (02/19/20-05/19/20)
    Sophia Skiles (2016-2019)   Bianca Tanis Teresa Thompson  
    Sophia Skiles (2019-2022) Bianca Tanis (2019-2022) Teresa Thompson (2017-2020)  
    The Board Encourages parents and residents who have a concern about school matters to try first to resolve the problem at the level most directly involved, which is usually the classroom teacher or principal. If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached at this level, contact the Superintendent of Schools.
Last Modified on March 3, 2020