• Public Comment Guidelines

    • There will be a public comment sign-up sheet at each Board meeting. Persons wishing to address the Board should sign in with their name and town of residence prior to the start of the meeting. Each speaker will have three minutes to present their comment. In-person public comment will conclude at the end of thirty minutes. Speakers will be called to present their comments in the order in which they have signed up.


    • The BOE requests that the first public comment period be limited to comment on agenda items only. The second public comment period will be open to comment on non-agenda items. 


    • If a member of the public wishes to submit a public comment via email, emails must be received by the district clerk no later than 12pm on the day of the Board meeting. The individual may request that their comment be read aloud at the meeting. Comments read aloud will be read in the order in which they were received and will be read after in-person public comment has concluded. 


    • In the interest of time, emailed comments read aloud may be limited. When feasible, written public comments received via email that are not read aloud will be printed and made available at the meeting for public review and upon request to the district clerk. 


    • The Board president reserves the right to limit remarks from the public which are “repetitive” or “offensive”. Comments submitted by email that are repetitive in nature may be summarized. 


    • Public comments may not identify any person by name or position. 


    • Comments submitted by minors that contain sensitive information will not be read aloud or made available for public review. 


    • Public comments are not meant to be a dialogue, but rather a time for the board to hear comments from the public. At the conclusion of the public comment period, the Board may, at their discretion, offer comments or ask clarifying questions related to topics or issues raised by members of the public.
Last Modified on September 15, 2021