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    Announcements for the Commencement of Distance Learning




    Hello Students, Parents and Guardians!

    As you know on Monday March 30th we will begin distance learning. While other teachers may decide upon different methods for delivery of instruction all work for AP European History, AP Psychology and Psychology will be posted to students through Google Classroom and invitations have been sent to students using their official school email addresses. Parent notifications have been sent using the email addresses they have on file with the district in Power School.

    Teachers and administrators will be meeting online Monday 3/30 to discuss and clarify last minute questions regarding delivery of online  instruction in the next few weeks so please check back to this page tomorrow morning in case there is a change or an update. 

    **Parents and Guardians - Power School is our source for up to date contact information. If you did not also receive this message by email please make sure your email contact information is up to date in Power School and check your Spam / All Mail folders. 


    To my students,

    I really miss you all! I hope you all stay safe at home! We will get through this! Stay strong!

    The following guidelines for AP Euro, AP Psych, and Psych will apply unless something changes due to our online meeting in which case this will be updated tomorrow evening:

    Schedule of classes:

    In keeping with the idea of A / B schedules work will be assigned every other school day. Do not worry about which day or section you are normally assigned. Just join the course you are taking. I have sent all students an invitation to the appropriate class via their school email account. The dates for new assignment posts will be in the specific course box below.

    Due Dates, Grading, and Submission of Assignments:

    • Given the need for flexibility in people’s lives during this crisis DUE DATES ARE ONLY A SUGGESTION AND NO POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR LATE WORK! Think of the “due date” as a suggestion in terms of your own pacing of the materials. We are working with the intention of being on pace and ready for the exams (AP in early May and Regents in June should it be given).
    • I will give completion grades on assignments and qualitative feedback when applicable however these grades will NOT be posted to power school at this point unless further directive is given. They are for your consideration only at this point.
    • Assignments can be typed and submitted or a picture can be taken of handwritten notes and uploaded unless directions specifically call for assignments to be typed. 

    Extra Help, and Contact Information:

    • I am hoping to get familiar enough with Google Meet this week to begin having the ability to use this for any students who would like to check in in person at designated times. Once I get this going I will update the webpage and classroom with the times available.
    • I will be checking and responding to email daily at 8 AM and again at 11 AM for anyone who has questions or needs help with something or if you just want to say hi!


    • Join Code: see email attachment of this message
    • Any makeup work that you may have had that you did not get to turn in before we left school on 3/13 can be sent to me via email. I will be posting graded work to power school  this week for any of those assignments.
    • New materials and assignments will be posted to Google Classroom on the following dates:
    • the 3/31, 4/2, 4/6, 4/8, 4/10, 4/14
    • If the state suspension of classes continues after 4/15 we will proceed in the same fashion every other day.
    • Changes or updates to this schedule will be posted on Classroom and my webpage.




    Final Exam Review Sheet


    ­­­­Psychology Review Sheet for Final 2019

    Be able to define “Psychology”

    Pioneers – know the impact of their work and particular studies or cases they were involved in that we covered.


    • Wilhelm Wundt
    • Sigmund Freud
    • Carl Jung
    • Hermann Rorschach
    • Albert Bandura
    • Abraham Maslow
    • Solomon Asch
    • Stanley Milgram
    • Erik Erikson
    • Gordon Allport
    • Harry Harlow


     Perspectives – be able to identify the focus of the perspectives and any pioneers associated with them.

    • Behaviorist
    • Evolutionary
    • Psychoanalytical
    • Humanistic

    Social Psychology & Group behavior  - under what conditions are people most likely to conform or obey?  Least likely?

    • Deindividuation
    • Diffusion of responsibility
    • Social facilitation
    • Social loafing
    • Just World bias (or phenomenon)
    • Bystander effect
    • Conformity studies
    • Obedience studies
    • The mere-exposure effect
    • Group polarization
    • Group think
    • Aggression
    • Altruism
    • Self-serving bias
    • Hindsight bias
    • Central route vs peripheral route
    • Fundamental attribution error


     Personality and testing

    • Id / Ego / Superego
    • Collective Unconscious
    • Archytypes
    • Nature vs. Nurture
    • Self-Concept
    • Self -Esteem
    • Projective Tests (review the TAT & Rorschach, free association)
    • Objective Tests & Personality Inventories (MMPI)
    • Psychoanalytic theories
      • Psycho-Sexual stages
      • Psycho-Social-stages
    • Trait theory
    • Cardinal traits
    • the big 5 (OCEAN)
    • Hierarchy of needs
    • Defense mechanisms – be able to give and identify examples
    1. Repression
    2. Projection
    3. Reaction formation
    4. Displacement
    5. Regression
    6. Sublimation
    7. Rationalization



    Consciousness  Why do we dream? What are the characteristics of common sleep disturbances?

    • Activation Synthesis Theory
    • Information processing theory
    • Freudian (psychoanalytic )theory
    • Night terrors
    • Narcolepsy
    • Sleep Apnea
    • REM sleep
    • Circadian rhythm

    Disorders - only Autism Spectrum Disorder will be on the exam


    • Classical conditioning / Pavlovian conditioning
    • Operant conditioning
    • Shaping
    • Phobias and conditioning
    • Anxiety disorders and conditioning
    • Unconditioned stimulus
    • Neutral stimulus
    • Conditioned stimulus
    • Unconditioned response
    • Conditioned response
    • Cognitive Maps






    Cell Phones and addiction (Anderson Cooper)



    Sleep video



    AP Reviews

    All AP Reviews will take place from 2:25 – 3:15 (sometimes 3:30) in room 263


    AP Psychology

    Thurs / Fri  March 28th / 29th  –practice / diagnostic

    Wednesday April 3rd

    Friday  April 12th

    Tuesday April 23rd

    Thursday May 2nd

    Thursday May 9th    – AP Psychology Exam – PM Session



    A Brilliant Madness

    (the real story of John Nash from "A Beautiful Mind")




    The science of sleep






    Course Expectations

    What can you do with a Psychology degree? 
    Brain Games video

     Current Unit: 1 - Intro to Psychology and Social Psychology

    What can you do with a Psychology degree? 



    Mouse Party! 

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