***************************************************************************From this point (april 10th 2020) on you should be getting assignments and interacting through google classroom or email...I will not be posting new work here until further notice. **************************************************************************


    RL 4 Wednesday (04/08/2020): At this point I am hoping you all got the google classroom invite from me.  PLEASE email me if you haven't.  I don't really know what you see from your side of the google classroom platform so please give me some feedback and offer suggestions...thanks all.  Be well


    RL 3 Monday (04/06/2020) If you haven't already please read and do the previous day(S) assignments, thanks... For today's assignment, which will be due on Wednesday April 8th at noon  is to do the following:

    1) Watch this hello video made

    2) Copy these notes and then try the three practice problems

    3) Share your work with me by Wednesday april 8th at noon

    4) Ask questions if you need to and if it helps I can either make a video or find one for you that may help.




    RL 2 Wednesday (04/01/2020) If you haven't already please read and do the previous day(S) assignments, thanks... For today's assignment, which will be due on Saturday April 4th by 8PM is to do the following:

    After you click on the link below please write the notes I have posted below, which are review ideas from our trigonometry lesson AND more importantly you will be MAKING UP YOUR OWN EXAMPLES...so copy my formating and certainly ask questions and/or submit ideas before you make an official copy to submit to me by Saturday 8pm. THANKS

    TRIG NOTES TO COPY AND MAKE YOUR OWN EXAMPLES    If you are struggling I could either make a video or link you to one that may help but again you are basically just copying what I did with your own worked out examples.



    Remote learning day 1 (03/30/2020): Welcome to a new normal...I hope all are well.  Please watch this video (which has an error, call me out on it and check-plus for you) and then read and respond via email to these questions .  miss you all....


    UPDATE: Wednesday 03/18/2020: Thanks to all students that have reached out to me via email....that will be our main lines of communication moving forward...As of today I am suspending all required work until March 27th.  The district policy is that until then, this time off is considered spring break so enjoy...try to be outdoors as much as possible and maintain "social distancing" to help flatten the curve and thwart the rapid rate of infections...If you know a classmate has not yet checked in on this posting, please encourage them to do so....thanks again.  


    FOR THE WEEK OF 03/16-03/20 - PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK and then read the following:

    I am expecting students  to continue with the learning process to some degree while we are adjusting to the newness...My plan is to post some videos and/or

    documents in this general location of my website. I will be expecting students to take pictures of any assignments that are required and send me their work

    via email.  I will also be available to answer questions and give feedback through email conversations, I will check my email frequently.  Thanks, talk soon...

    3/13: ADAY:  we continued working with factoring...NO new ideas were presented.  NEXT class we will start learning how to use the factors to solve more complex equations.
    3/12:  BDAY:  The main focus of class today was FACTORING (using the ideas of gcf and trinomial into two binomials)....HERE is an example worked out...and here are the practice problems that were written by your peers....there will be a quiz on these ideas next class. 
    3/11: ADAY:  we went over more factoring problems AND then students built their own practice problems....we went through those problems for class credit and then started the TAKE HOME QUIZ (which will be due next class)...posted above is another solution to a practice problem
    03/10: BDAY:  we continued working with GCF and trinomial into 2binomials  as factoring methods.  If you are confused or want more explaination, do a youtube search on either "greatest common factoring" or "factoring a trinomial into two binomials"  There was one hw problem to do ...the last problem on the back of these notes
    03/09 ADAY: we continued working with polynomilas (multiplying them together but also FACTORING THEM)...after going through a bunch of practice together, you had to do one on your own for class credit and then start THE HW SHEET
    03/06 BDAY: basically same as below EXCEPT do not finish the sheet for HW.  we will continue together next class 
    03/05 ADAY: We started class by going through a few problems related to the sum and product of specific integer pairs of numbers and then we did some prime factorization.  We then started going through the notes ...HW is to finish whatever was not completed in class. 
    03/04 BDAY: same as below
    03/03 Aday: In class students either finished the test from last class OR worked on some S.A.T. practice problems.  Next class we will start a quick unit on polynomial multiplication and the basics of factoring
    03/02 BDAY: we started class by going through a few practice problems that were written by students in the class.  We then started the density/volume test.  We will use next class to finish those...A lot of students did not study by doing the practice posted on february 26th, YOU SHOULD DO THOSE BEFORE NEXT CLASS
    02/28 ADAY: we took the density/volume quiz (before that students wrote their own practice problems that we then discussed in class)...
    02/27 BDAY: same as below 
     02/26 ADAY:  we started class by doing a few practice problems (one about the golf ball vs ping pong ball  AND on about the radius of a sphere)...The goal was to have our last volume/density quiz but after going over the practice I realized students may need a bit more practice.  here is a copy of the practice quiz  AND here are the solutions to it.   density/volume test next class....I will give you the formulas but you will need to know how and when to use them....I will also provided conversion information  if needed.
    02/25 BDAY: same as below
    02/24 ADAY:  we started class by going through some basic calculations for volume (cylinders, prisms, and spheres).  We then did the "WHAT % OF MY TRUCK IS FILLED" problem....then we went over the HW density problems (here are some solutions and hints for those)...quiz next class on DENSITY, which includes the ideas of volume AND reading comprehension....  
    02/21 BDAY: same as below
    02/20 Aday: We started class by discussing the properties of a sphere.  We then did this practice problem for class credit.  After that we started working with the ideas of DENSITY.  Numbers 2,4,6,8,9 from THIS SHEET are due next class....try your best we will go over them in class AND #9 is BONUS
    02/19 BDAY: same as below
    02/18 ADAY: we started class with two warm up problems AND i answered questions related the the HW that was due....We then took the rectangular prism/cylinders QUIZ.  NO HW for next class BUT some of you still have not made corrections on your midterm.  You have until feb. 28th to do that WITH ME most likely after-school or during a common free block throughout the day. 
    02/13 BDAY:   same as below
    02/12 ADAY:  the main idea from class today was drawing rectangular prisms and determining surface area and volume (and we did some more work with cylinders)...Here is the warm up problem we did and HERE IS THE PRACTICE QUIZ we worked on .  THERE is a quiz next class on all things prism and cylinder...I will go over some of the practice quiz next class
    02/07 BDAY:  SAME AS BELOW (maybe stay after school on Monday if you need help)
    02/06 ADAY: We continued working with rectangular prisms.  There will be a quiz next class on the surface area and volume of those (and will include cylinder ideas as well)...HERE are the practice problems we worked on in class (HW is to finish the ones that you didn't finish in class....remember to follow the plans we wrote down in class and then carfefully and correctly follow through with that plan)
    02/05: BDAY: we started class with a couple of warm up problems that related to the problems that were due today.  Then time was given to finish up those problems.  After that students either fixed the last quiz or worked on the midterm corrections.  NO HW due next class.  we will start thinking about rectangular prisms
    02/04:ADAY= we started class with 2 warm up problems (1 that helped with the HW that was due and 1 that got you thinking about the new ideas...) fter going over those, students spent time working on the three hw problems that were due and then either started the next set of practice problems OR corrected the last quiz.  HW is to continue working on the rectangular prism sheet.   
    02/03  BDAY: same as below
    01/31: ADAY: we started class by doing some warm problems about the circumference and height of different cylinders...we then went over some of the HW problems.  We then had a quiz on some of the basic ideas of cylinders AND a few of the calculations....HW is to finish the few probelms that were not gone over yet from the same HW sheet  SPECIFICALLY #s 2,5,6
    01/30 BDAY: same as below
    01/29 ADAY: in class we focused on CYLINDERS...what they look like, how to describe them and then the formulas for their VOLUME and their SURFACE AREA.  We then worked through a few problems together that linked those ideas...we used circumference of circles as well...  HEREare the practice problems that are due next class 
    01/28 Bday: same as below
    01/27 ADAY: first day of 3rd quarter...we started by discussing the midterm corrections assignment (you have until february 28th to meet with me outside of class time to fix your mistakes...this will count as a 30 point assignment in Q3).  We then did a few brain teaser problem solving activities that were supposed to help with sustaining concentration and working through different possibilities in a problem.  We then started discussing 3-dimensional shapes (specifically we focused on CYLINDERS).  No HW due for next class
    01/14 ADAY and 01/15 Bday:  Here are the latest review sheets WITH SOLUTIONS attached.  review 1    review 2   REVIEW 3   Your midterm is NEXT week (Tuesday 21st AM in room 161 although some of you will be taking it in the resource room or conflict room or a 504 location...you should know if that applys to you).  REMEMBER you CAN bring in a 5inch by 8inch index card with information written on it that you are struggling to remember.  Here is a copy of the formula sheet that I will supply to you during the midterm so do not write those things on your cheat-sheet.
    01/13 BDAY: same as below...but we also finished up doing some basic isosceles and right triangle proofs
    01/10 ADAY:  the main focus of today was THIS MIDTERM REVIEW sheet
    01/09 BDAY: we started class with a graded practice related to PERPENDICULAR BISECTORS (after going over the hw and answering questions.  We then did a review Kahoot.  HW is to start writing notes and reminders on a slice of paper...you will be aloud to bring a page of notes to use on the midterm.
    01/08 ADAY:  we started class with a graded practice related to PERPENDICULAR BISECTORS.  We then did some midterm review.  hw is to finish the review sheet
    01/07 BDAY:  we started class with an applied MID-POINT problem...after going through the solution, we practiced another one that was very similar.  After that we concentrated on writing equations of lines and working with PERPENDICULAR BISECTORS.  Here is the problem we worked on towards the end of class (with a solution attached) AND your HW is to try the other one in that attachment.
    01/06 ADAY:  we started class with some midterm review problems (playing a kahoot).  After going through some of the solutions to those probelms we continued class by working on the process of writing a proof.  HW is to finish the problem started in class.  That is posted above on the B-day blog.
    01/03 BDAY: same as below
    01/02/2020: ADAY:  we started class with a review kahoot activity.  We then started writing formal proofs for coordinate geometry problems. Your HW is to finish the proof that was started in class (you had to make up your own coordinates for a triangle and then prove if it really was one (and if it was a right triangle)...HERE IS AN EXAMPLE USING MY NUMBERS....we will continue working with the big-ideas of proof writing next class.
    12/20: BDAY: same as below
    12/19 ADAY: In class time was used to work on and FINISH the road-trip-adeventure project.  HERE is the assignment that is due after holiday break (numbers 1 - 4 is the assignment AND then numbers 5 - 7 are EXTRA CREDIT) If you did not hand in the ROAD-TRIP-ADVENTURE project please remember to do that (it is posted on the previous day's blog).
    12/18 BDAY: same as below 
    12/16 ADAY:The main focus of today was learning about the MID-POINT of a line segment and the formula to calculate it(average of the x's,average of the y's).  We then used class time to fix/finish the take home quiz.  After that students started thinking about the project that will be due at the end of next class.  Here is the description of the project and the rubric I will use to grade it....HERE IS A COPY OF Mr. Paley's road trip write up....
    12/13 BDAY: same as below
    12/12 ADAY:  The main focus of today was working with the distance formula to identify the type of triangle that may be made.  We then went over the HW solutions and started the HW that will be due next class.  
    12/11 bday: same as below 
    12/10: aday...The main focus was DISTANCE between two points in space.  We focused on using the pythagorean theorem to prove the formula....HERE is a copy of the notes and HW.    I also collected the HW that was due today and I will be grading it.  PLEASE remember to stay after school for additional help and/or to fix past graded assignments.
    12/09 BDAY: same as below
    12/06 ADAY: we focused on writing equations of lines (in both formats AND determining the y-intercept of lines)....after discussing the hw and doing one more practice problem, we had a quick quiz on those ideas.  We then focused on PARALLEL and PERPENDICULAR lines and their slopes.  HERE are the notes and the HW problems (the hw uses the map again so if need be get a copy from the previous day) 
    12/05 BDAY: same as below excpet a few of you were out of class for a meeting so please make sure you check the solutions to the warm ups AND if need be stay after school for help
    12/04 ADAY:  The main focus of today was EQUATIONS OF LINES (in both formats...) we applied those concepts through a few warm up problems (solutions attached) and then started THE HW PROBLEMS that were related to THE MAP.
    11/26 BDAY: same as below
    11/25 ADAY: I started class by collecting the HW that was due.....Today's main focus was dealing with points in space and how to name points (x,y).....we then started getting into writing equations of lines in point/slope format.  HERE IS A COPY of the notes with some problems worked through as examples....  If you are confused or want additional resources, do a youtube search on "writing equations of lines"
    11/22 Bday:  same as below
    11/21 ADAY: we started with a warm up related to parallel lines and different types of angles.  We then took a quiz on those ideas....HW is to try your best on the review problems (numbers 5,19,12,28 will be collected and any other ones you do are EXTRA CREDIT).
    11/20: bday same as below
    11/19ADAY: The main focus of today was continuing working with parallel lines cut by a transversal but in today's practice there were multiple transversals drawn in....we focused on how to look at one of them and ignore the others then vice versa.   HERE is a copy of the classwork.  HERE is a copy of the hw due next class
    11/18: BDAY: same as below
    11/15: aday:  the main focus of today was "the vocabulary of angles" and parallel lines cut by a transversal.   Class credit was given to those students who were in class and participated in the vocab activity AND those who finished the first 2 practice problems on the parralel lines cut by transversal document
    11/14: BDAY: same as below 
    11/13 ADAY:  in class we started with THESE warm up problems (if you were absent you will need to show me those solutions OR stay after school to make it up)....We then did the pretzel triangle activity that led to this big idea "IF THE SUM OF THE TWO-SMALLEST-SIDES IS LARGER THAN THE LARGEST SIDE THEN YES A TRIANGLE CAN BE MADE"....We then started the homework that is due next class.
    11/12 Bday: same as below
    11/08 Aday: We started with a warm up about the different types of triangles that can exist....We then did a few more practice problems with those ideas(they are attached to the previous link). Any class time left over was used to correct the latest quiz (round room #5)
    11/07 Bday: same as below
    11/06 ADAY: we started class with two review warm up problems AND concentrated on writing PERFECT SOLUTIONS to them (a perfect solution includes reasons for the math you are doing with well organized  steps that are easy to follow).  We then finished the round room #5 assessment. (that will be the last grade of Q1).  Any corrections and/or redos NEED to be done  by the end of the day on FRIDAY the 8th. 
    11/03 Bday: Basically the same as below but we did NOT get to the round-room activity.  NO HW is due next class but you should FULLY understand the big ideas from the past 3 classes (interior angles, exterior angles, types of triangles and how largest angles and largest sides relate in a triangle.
    11/01: ADAY:  In class we started with a warm up problem that related the exterior angle formula and the TYPE of triangle ideas.  We then went over the HW problems (In groups, having each group write PERFECT SOLUTIONS to each).  We then did ROUND ROOM #5 (which did count as a quiz).  I will post documents for all that on Monday.  If you need the documents before then, email me and I will send them directly to you....thanks,enjoy...
    10/31 BDAY: same as below 
    10/30 Aday: We focused on the ideas of TYPES of TRIANGLES and ANGLES in TRIANGLES and EXTERIOR ANGLES.  We started with a warm up about "error finding in a solution" and then worked through some exmaple regents level problems (even though you are not taking the geometry regents until next school year...it is on the back of the warm link)).  We then worked on categorizing triangles based on their sides and angles.   Due next class are your solutions to THESE problems (they were handed out in class)  AND HERE ARE SOLUTIONS to a couple of those HW problems
    10/29:  Bday: same as below
    10/28 Aday:  In class we investigated the properties of the angles in a triangle.  We then practiced the big ideas by writing and solving equations.  HERE is a copy of those...HW is to finish the problems in those notes.  READ #10 carefully and look at the picture that was given.   REMEMBER the big idea for the day is that the SUM of the three angles in a triangle ALWAYS equal 180 degrees. AND an exterior angle equals the sum of the two remote interior angles.
    10/25 Bday: same as below
    10/24 Aday: we started with a quick warm up related to the big ideas of the unit we have been working with.  We then took the trig test.  NO HW is due next class...enjoy
    10/22: aday:  The big idea for today was how to use "TRIG INVERSE to calculate an angle from two sides"  We worked through a few examples together (that applied the new concept as well as the older ideas of basic trig AND the pythagorean theorem)...TEST next class on all things trig and pyth. thereom.  Here is a copy of the practice test and Here are the solutions to it.  
    10/21 BDAY: SAME AS BELOW, except our class had some additional time to also fix the take home quiz....
    10/18 Aday: We continued to work the the big ideas of trigonometry...after writing the steps down, we worked through the TRICKY TRIG problems.  HW is to finish those two problems if you didn't get them done in class (Remember to re-draw the triangles so you can really see each part of each triangle).  There is a solution posted on the previous Bday's description and the problems are also posted on the bday below...these will be collected and graded.  
    10/17 BDAY:  "For those who did not do the take home quiz.  DO THAT".....In class today we focused on trigonometry and some tricky word problems that dealt with multiple triangles and multiple trig set ups to finally get an answer (HERE is that exmple with solution)  ...HW is to work through THESE TWO problems.  they will be collected and graded.
    10/16 Aday:  Class was shortened today due to the PSAT scheduling....in class we went over the take home quiz (some students got help finishing it, some got help fixing it and others started it...)  NO HW due for next class.
    10/11 Bday: we basically did the same as below (although we didn't do the tricky-trig-problem)....Your HW is THIS TAKE HOME QUIZ
    10/10 Aday: we started class by discussing the hw problems and then showing solutions to a few of them.  We then did a "tricky-trig-problem" and another map-style-problem.  HW is to do this TAKE HOME QUIZ 
    10/08 Bday: same as below
    10/07 ADAY:  we started class with a review of WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW...and then did a quick review of SOH CAH TOA.  We worked through a few examples problems from the NOTES and then for those who finished there was time to start the HW which was the few on the back of the notes (JUST THE SET UPS,  HERE is  the pic for #3 )
    10/04:  BDAY: same as below
    10/03:ADAY:  we focused our attention on being able to label the sides of a triangle(opposite,adjacent, and hypotenuse) AND then we practiced determining which trig function (sine, cosine, or tangent would be appropriate to use to solve an equation (but we didn't actually solve yet).  We then took a quick quiz related to those ideas.  HW is to look through the notes from the past few days and be sure you understand what they are communicating (or show up next class with quesitons) 
    10/02 BDAY: same as below
    10/01 ADAY: The main focus of today's class was thinking of how the angles and the sides in a right triangle relate to one-another...after investigating different characteristics of triangles (using the protractor and ruler) we took some  notes on the basics of trigonometry.   There is no HW due next class UNLESS you did not do the research HW from last class....ALSO remember to stay after school to fix past assignments.
    9/27 BDAY: same as below....
    9/26: ADAY: we started class with the error finding activity.  We then discussed the HW that was due today.  Next we did the hands-on activity that had you building different right triangles and investigating the proporties between the sides and the angles in those triangles.  HERE are the notes that were handed out.  HW is to research these concepts and write down a few key ideas about each one....SINE,COSINE and TANGENT.  ALSO remember to stay after school to fix past graded assignments (there is a five day window of opportunity to do that)
    9/25 BDAY: same as below
    9/24 ADAY: In class we started by handing in the HW that was due last class.  We then learned about fractional equations and what it means to "cross-multiply"...after a bunch of practice probelms (some written by me and some written by the students) we quickly discussed how to name the parts of a triangle (using singular capital letters to represent the angles, or three letters to represent the angles where the middle letter is the actual vertex of the triangle AND using two letters to represent a specific side of the triangle).  we then practiced that idea.  After all that there was a quick quiz on those ideas.  Your HW is to research the word trigonometry and write down at least three facts about it.
    9/23: Bday: same as below except your work is not due until septemeber 25th (WEDNESDAY) For #7 you should measure two sides of the triangle you took a picture of and then use the pythagorean to calculate what the third side should be AND THEN measure that 3rd side and see if it is what you calculated it to be.
    9/20: Aday: we started with these warm up problems that dealt with applying the pythagorean theorem.  We then went over the HW.  After that students started the graded practice .  That graded practice will be collected on Tuesday the 24th.  For #7 you should measure two sides of the triangle you took a picture of and then use the pythagorean to calculate what the third side should be AND THEN measure that 3rd side and see if it is what you calculated it to be.
    9/19 bday: same as below
    9/18 Aday:  We started class with a quick review of the ideas from last class.  We then wrote a few sentences of notes about the pythagorean theorem (what it is and when to use it and remembering that the largest side is ALWAYS the c-term)  We then had round room #3 quiz.  HERE is the hw due next class AS WELL AS bring in the hw that was posted on Sept. 16.
    09/17 Bday: same as below
    09/16 Aday: In class today we started with a warm up that got students thinking about the algebraic expression that go with mathematical language (like more than and decreased by and doubled, etc.) we then continued working with the visual of squaring numbers and applying that to the pythagorean theorem.  HW is to take a picture (most likely with your phone) of something in your everday life that is a right triangle or a rectangle AND then be prepared next class to show us that picture AND apply the pythagorean theorem to its dimensions.
    09/13: bday: same as below
    09/12 aday: we started class with another 24 game and a couple of area/perimeter problems.  Then students either fixed(or finished) the last graded practice or started working on the VISUALIZE adding and squaring notes.  HW is to research FIVE FACTS about Pythagoras and the pythagorean theorem. 
    09/11:Bday: same as below 
    09/10: Aday: We started class with another round of the 24 game.  We concentrated on writing the appropriate equations using parentheses.  We then continued working on the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles and concentrated on writing the solutions in a formal way using the appropriate formulas.  We then had the 5question around the room assessment.  NO hw due next class but remember to stay after school ( room 211) if you are having difficulties or want to improve your grades.
    09/09: Bday: same as below
    09/06 ADAY: we started class with the 24's game and then did a challenge the teacher....after that we did the 5quesiton blue pen/red pen activity which led into the formal definitons of area and perimeter (specifically for a square).  we then did three practice problems relating to those ideas.  HW is to finish those problems if you didn't in class.
    09/05: Bday: same as below
    9/04: A-day: In class we played human bingo to get to know one another and then did a few math word jumblers to get our heads back into thinking about math....the HW is that you read through THE COURSE SYLLABUS and make sure your get the required supplies.  
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