***************************************************************************From this point (april 10th 2020) on you should be getting assignments and interacting through google classroom or email...I will not be posting new work here until further notice. **************************************************************************


    RL 4 Wednesday (04/08/2020): At this point I am hoping you all got the google classroom invite from me.  PLEASE email me if you haven't.  I don't really know what you see from your side of the google classroom platform so please give me some feedback and offer suggestions...thanks all.  Be well


    RL 3 Monday (04/06/2020) If you haven't already please read and do the previous day(S) assignments, thanks... For today's assignment, which will be due on Wednesday April 8th at noon  is to do the following:

    1) Watch this Hello video

    2) Take some time to read through my solutions from the previous assignment and really focus on the things we may have done differently or the ones you didn't understand...ASK me questions if needed

    3) Do what THIS LINK is asking you to do please....


    RL 2 (04/01/2020): If you haven't already please do the previous day(S) assignments...For today you can watch this quick hello video and then you should READ THIS...thanks...here are the review problems to do


    Remote learning day 1 (03/30/2020): Welcome to a new normal...I hope all are well.  Please watch this video (which has an error, call me out on it and check-plus for you)and then read and respond via email to these questions .  miss you all....




    UPDATE: Wednesday 03/18/2020: Thanks to all students that have reached out to me via email....that will be our main lines of communication moving forward...As of today I am suspending all required work until March 27th.  The district policy is that until then, this time off is considered spring break so enjoy...try to be outdoors as much as possible and maintain "social distancing" to help flatten the curve and thwart the rapid rate of infections...If you know a classmate has not yet checked in on this posting, please encourage them to do so....thanks again.


    FOR THE WEEK OF 03/16-03/20 - PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK and then read the following:

    I am expecting students  to continue with the learning process to some degree while we are adjusting to the newness...My plan is to post some videos and/or

    documents in this general location of my website. I will be expecting students to take pictures of any assignments that are required and send me their work

    via email.  I will also be available to answer questions and give feedback through email conversations, I will check my email frequently.  Thanks, talk soon...






    03/13: we started class with an interesting look at some of the statistics behind the coronavirus outbreak.  Specifically "flattening the curve".  Then there was a peer review on the project that was due today.  With any remaining time, students either fixed older assignments or worked on things for another class.  No hw due next class.


    03/11:  we started class with a couple of quick warm ups related to the big ideas of 1 sample t .  We then went over the hw (by hand and with the calculator) here are my solutions....after all that we started the MINI PROJECT which will be due next class.  PLEASE include your actual data in your official write-up.


    03/09: In class we focused on the ch23 ideas....after a brief discussion on the reading student's took the reading quiz.  We then went through the chip lab to see if we were being cheated out of snacks....then we went through the notes.  HW is to finish the problems that were in the notes.


    03/05:  We started class with a few WARM UP PROBLEMS (attempt them if you were absent and then show me next class for credit)...We then spent time discussing the solutions to those and to the packet problems from last class.  HW is to read and take notes on chapter 23


    03/03: we/started class by doing a quick warm up about the concept of SIGNIFICANT results... we then looked through the official write-up to HW problem #2.  Time was then given for students to complete their official write up to #3.  After all that we did a timed mc practice ap exam.  We will go over those next class


    02/28: we started class with THIS WARM UP.  we then went over the hw and started a bit more practice...the first one we did as a timed practice and the other 2 are for HW


    02/26: we started class with a couple more ap review problems (see me to get them if you were absent).  We then did the visualization experiment that got us thinking about a 2 proportion Z test...we went through the experiment and HERE is my official write-up (I used block 1's data).  hw is to work through the problems from these notes.  All of these ideas come from ch22 if you need or want clarification then read the chapter.


    02/ 24:  we focused on THESE ap review problems and also had a quick graded practice assignment.  No hw is due next class but we will be starting ch22 ideas next class (maybe you want to look ahead to be prepared)


    02/20:  the main focus from class today was ALPHA LEVEL (significance level) and ERROR TYPES.  We went through the notes and then THESE are the hw problems

    02/18: class started by having students ask questions related to the ch20 HW.  After that we worked through a 1 propZtest formally and with the calculator.  After all that there was a graded practice to work through.  With any remaining time, students either worked on the HW (which is to do 2 of the problems on the back of the "BUS-PROBLEM" sheet ONE formally and 1 quick with calculator but still write the hypotheses the p-value and a conclusion) or fix the project that was handed back


    02/12: In class we continued working with null and alternative hypotheses...we went though a formal write up of the basketball problem we started last class....DUE next class is read chapter 20 AND try numbers 9,11,19 from the end of chapter practice.  Those answers are in the back of the book.   I am assuming you will read through the chapter and the answers to the practice before next class


    02/06: 2hour delay...In class we started thinking about the difference between these two ideas..."What could the possible truth be?"  AND "I think the truth might be X"...we collected some data by playing basketball (which we will use next class).  THE PROJECT described the previous day is due next class


    02/04: We started class by taking the ch19 quiz....then we did the "penny-elbow-catch activity" as an example to the next PROJECTHERE is my write up to a part of the project  ....  The project will be due on MONDAY february10th (even if that is a bday)


    01/31: We started by  focusing our attention on the wording of the conclusion to confidence intervals.  We then did the practice sheet and went over the solutions (some of the solutions are printed on the actual sheet posted).  HERE is the HW problem due next class....ALL of these ideas come from chapter 19 so if you are confused, please look through the worked out examples in the text.  THERE IS A QUIZ NEXT CLASS


    01/29:  today we focused on building confidence intervals for proportions....we did the skittles activity as an example and then went through these notes.  hw is to finish the problem on the back of the notes.  Be sure to check the conditions and work through the calculations AND THEN you can check your work by doing 1-prop-Z int  in the calculator.  ALL these ideas can be found in chapter 19 of the text book


    01/27: FIRST DAY OF 3RD QUARTER.  We started class by discussing the midterm corrections assignment (you have until february 28th to meet with me outside of class time and correct your midterm...this will be a 30 point q3 assignment)  We then did the penny lab to highlight the CLT for means AND the conditions for the CLT to apply and WHY.   We then started the HW sheet that is due next class.


    01/16: We worked through a few more review problems  (answers ) and shared ideas as to what to put on your "cheat-sheet" that you are allowed to bring to the midterm (a 5inch by8inch index card) .  Your MIDTERM is on Wednesday the 22nd PM in room 182 (the audion)...If you know you have a conflict, PLEASE LMK ASAP


    01/14:  we basically worked through THESE review problems and went over the HW that was due...HW is to either finish those two probelms or start working on your "cheat-sheet" that will be allowed for the midterm (it needs to be hand written on an index card no bigger than 5inch by 8inch)


    01/10: we did some midterm review and then worked on the CLT for means and proportions...HW is to try and work out each of these probelms TWO DIFFERENT WAYS 


    1/08: we started class with some midterm review....we then started discussing the big ideas from ch18.  here are the notes that were handed out....we went through those and did a few practice problems.  HW is ONLY numbers 1 and 2 on this sheet


    01/06/2020: We started class with a random-variables midterm review problem.  After that we did the GERMAN-TANK activity that involved trying to build a new statistic from a set of data and then trying to see how that statistic would behave after lots of different samples were collected.  HW is to read ch18 from the begining up to and including the first "step-by-step" worked out example.  expect a quick reading quiz next class. 


    01/02/2020: happy new year and welcome back...we started class with a "guess-the-statistic" activity that had students sharing different experiences they had over break...We then did a kahoot review to get our brains back into the statistics mindset and then finally we finished by going over the answers to the packet problems....HW is to focus on those probelms and show up next class with any questions you may have about those (if you were not in class then either get the answers from a class-peer or ask me tomorrow)


    12/19: In class we spent a bunch of time finishing the project and then doing a peer review of someelse's project.  After that students were able to start the over-break-assignment which is to do numbers (1,2,3,5,6,8,9,12,13,14,16,18,19,20,24,25,27,28,30,31) in the same packet that was posted on the previous days blog.


    12/16: we continued working on the project AND fixing the last graded practice.  Projects are due next class.  AND you were supposed to try to answer at least EIGHT of the probelms in this practice ap exam.


    12/12: we started wlass with a warm up related to bernoulli trials.  We then went over the HW (asked/answered questions) and then did a graded practice relating to those ideas.  After that we started the BINOMIAL EXPERIENCE project.    HERE is my binomial experience official write-up   Your project official write-up will be due on WEDNESDAY the 18th.  There will NOT be much time given in class.  I advise you to start it this weekend and ask me questions on MONDAY


    12/10: we started class with the coin flip activity which got us thinking about BINOMIAL distributions and their shape, center and spreads....we then focused on using binomPdf and binomCdf in the ti83 calculator....here are the NOTES....... HERE are the hw problems due next class

    12/06: In class we started by going over the HW and then discussing any questions you may have had regarding the packet practice problems....we then took a quiz.  After the quiz we started thinking about BERNOULLI probabilities (geometric and binomial)....HW is to read chapter 17 and FOCUS ON THE BINOMIAL parts of the reading.


    12/04: The main focus of today was CONDITIONAL PROBABILITIES and PERCENTS ON PERCENTS type of problems....after working through a warm-up problem, time was spent on THESE practice problems and then ANSWERS to the MC packet problems were given....class timewas then spent on either practicing the new ideas and/or fixing the packet problems.  NEXT class there will be a quiz on the %s on%s  problems AND 6 or 7 randomly selected problems from the ap packet....


    11/25: we started class with a warm up that got us thinking about the GENERAL ADDITION rule for probabilities AND how to see if two events are independent of eachother, again using probability ideas.  We then did a couple of REAL AP problems (attached to the warm-up link) that dealt with those ideas.  What is due after break are your answers to the review problems that were handed out...they are ALL posted on the previous day's daily blog.  (I will post documents for the other stuff by the end of today)


    11/21: we started with a real AP problem warm up and then fixed the last test.  The hw was that one page of review problems that were given out in class  JUST NUMBERS 1 THROUGH 7 if you are getting the work from here.


    11/19: we started with THIS warm up and then took the test on random variables (ch16)....no hw due next class


    11/15: the main focus of today was the continuation of discrete random variables...we went through THIS warm up problem and then went through the solutions to the HW and practice problems.  THERE WILL BE a quiz next class on CONTINUOUS and DISCRETE RV's.  Look over the work from the past three classes.  I will start with an application problem before the quiz next class. 


    11/13: We started class with a few warm up problems that related to some of the trickier parts of the HW that was due today.  As we went over those, we also looked at the HW problems and wrote nice,neat and organized solutions to those.  After that we played a few rounds of GREEDY-PIGGY that got us thinking about discrete random variables and building probability distributions.  Here are the practice problems due next class (ONLY THE FIRST TWO)...I am expecting to have a quiz on all those ideas on Friday but we will see how it goes.(if it happens the quiz we inlcude discrete and continuous RV's along with their applications to answer more real world style questions)


    11/08: We continued working with combining random variables.  We started with a concpet warm up and a calculation warm up. (and here are those solutions)  We then went over the hw and started the work that will be due next class.  Quarter one is officially over as of 3pm today so be sure you see me before then to fix/finish any make up work.  I will post the documents from class here by the end of the day.


    11/06: We worked with random variables today.  We investigated what happens to measures of center and spread when you manipulate data by a constant (add,sub,multipl, and div.)  And then we continued working with what happens to mean and standard deviation when TWO variables are being combined with addition or subtraction...we worked a bit with the pythagorean theorem of stats....THESE PROBLEMS are due next class  


    11/01: we started class with a quick warm up that dealt with outliers and Z-scores.  We then took the chapter 6 TEST (normal distrinbution, standard deviation, and Z-scores)  The HW due next class is the mini-project about IS THE DATA NORMAL(ish)?  That was given out after the test was handed in.  There is an example of Mr. Paley doing the assignment printed on the back of that document. 


    10/30: In class we started with a warm up that focused on the calculator buttons and the big ideas of lately, and then we did another practice problem related to those ideas.  (HERE are the solutions  and HERE are more solutions to that stuff AND to some of the previous days practice problems).  And then we worked on the NEW IDEA (the pythagorean theorem of stats)  those ideas are in the second link I posted in the previous sentence.  TEST NEXT CLASS

    10/28: we continued working with ND/SD and Z-scores.  We focused on drawing the pictures that represent the given information and solving system of equations....There will be a test on those ideas on Friday (Wednesday we will do a little bit of practice and a new idea (combining random variables(1st half of ch16)...) Hw is to finish the practice sheet that was given out.  (for #2 in that practice set you need to know the average offensive player makes 18 ppg with a SD of 3.5  and the average defensive player has 11rpg with a SD of 2)


    10/24: Today was all about connecting the ideas of normal distribution with Z-scores and standard deviation.  We learned how to use the Normalcdf button and the Invnorm button.  After doing some practice together, students worked on finishing the practice on their own....HW is to do the four problems that were handed out at the end of class...HERE is a copy...these ideas all come from chapter 6...I also collected the take home quiz that is posted on the previous day.


    10/22: We started class with THIS WARM UP.  we then had a quiz  (IF you were absent you should print it out and DO IT, I will collect it next class.)


    10/18: Apples VS Oranges....we did an activity that had students thinking about HOW TO COMPARE DATA FROM DIFFERENT POPULATIONS...these ideas are in chapter 6 (you should read through the worked out examples in the text book and any other parts of ch6 you feel you may need to fully understand the BIG IDEA from class today).  Due next class are your solution attempts from the NOTES 


    10/16 :  class time was spent fixing the last mini-project and then the rest of time was used to either get caught up on older assignments or work on things for other classes.  (the schedule was strange today becasue of the PSAT scheduling...)  NO HW for next class unless you didn't do the assignment from October 10th.


    10/10: We started class by discussing the HW and going into a bit more detail regarding building the different types of graphs (boxNwhisker, histogram, dot-plot).  We then continued working with outliers and percentiles and did the Paley's-Pentile-Problem.  After all that, we wrote down the lyrics to the SHAPE CENTER SPREAD song and then discected those lyrics in an attempt to understand the bigger picture when describing a distribution.  HW is to do the problem on the back of the lyric notes.



    10/07: we started class by discussing DISTRIBUTIONS and going through a few hypothetical distributions (we discussed discrete VS continuous variables)  We then collected the PUSH-UP/JJ data and went through the class notes.  HW is to do the three things mentioned on the back of the notes.  Use the examples from ch4 if you need more guidance (or search the internet OR email me with your quesitons) 


    10/03: the main focus of today was SEGMENTED BAR GRAPHS (building them and reading them to make appropriate association conclusions).  We went over the HW and then did one more practice (the titanic example).  The rest of class time was used to either fix the latest graded practice OR start the mini-project related to associated qualitative variables.  

    10/01: the main focus of today was TYPES of DATA (and their appropriate displays).  We went through the 5W's AND 1H of data and put that to practice.  We then started the hw which dealt with chapter 3 ideas .  HW is to finish the dog breed example


    9/26: We started class by going through the notes that were handed out last class AND discussing the specific vocabulary of experimental design...we then further discussed the car mileage experiment and learned that THE NUMBER OF TREATMENTS IN AN EXPERIMENT CAN BE CALCULATED BY MULTIPLYING ALL THE DIFFERENT NUMBERS OF LEVELS TOGETHER.  We then watched a TED TALK( https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_ariely_on_our_buggy_moral_code#t-956466) about the experimental design process.  The rest of class time was then used to start the HW (this is due next class and will be collected and graded so be sure you are writing it out clearly and using the appropriate vocabulary that we've been learning over the past several weeks)  


    9/24: students presented and I tried to give constructive criticisms...Some groups need to make some fixes and resubmit their official write-ups.  The HW for next class is to read through THESE notes (they are from chapter 13 if you want more clariffication) AND try to write up the design for the gas-mileage experiment.


    9/20: Class time was devoted to working on project....collecting data, analyzing data, and starting the official write-up and presentation.  This is DUE ON TUESDAY the 24th, even if you were absent from class or whatever....HW is to continue working on project


    9/18: In class we focused on the types of biases that may arise from different quesitoning techniques.  We went through an experiment that tried to highlight a "wording of a question" type of response bias.  We then started thinking about the project.  HERE is an example of my offical write-up.

    9/16: we started class with a peer to peer discussion about the reading HW that was due.  We then took a quick reading quiz on those ideas.  After the quiz we went through a hypothetical situation that had you trying to come up with different SAMPLING TECHNIQUES...we then went through the formal definitions of the sampleing techniques and re-visited the ideas ya'll  came up with and this time attached the correct vocabulary to those techniques.  We then started discussing BIAS.  With the few minutes that were left in class, students were given a chance to correct the simulations quiz.  HW due next class is to finish reading chapter 12 AND fill in the BIAS NOTES that were handed out. 


    09/12: we started class by going over the HW(actually clarifying number 2 and then giving some time to try it).  We then went through a few BAD SIMULATIONS and discussed what made them bad.  We then had a simulation quiz with a formal write up.  HW is to read(and take notes if you want) from the begining of chapter 12 upto and including the first "just checking" it is about 6 pages.


    09/10: We started class with a brief chapter 11 reading quiz.  We then went through the ideas of a simulation (specifically focusing on COMPONENT, TRIAL, RESPONSE VARIABLE, and USE OF THE RANDOM NUMBERS).  We modeled the process using the parking spots scenario and read through the formal write-up to that .  We then worked through the road test scenario in a non formal way (just identifying the key concepts, see above).  Your HW is to do these two simulations....do one formally and one informally (againI will post them here later today).


    09/06: In class we wrote formal definitons to what a statistic is and what doing statistics is...we applied those definitons with the time perception data (block 1a   block 4a) that was collected...we shared a few of those ideas with each other.  HW is to read chapter 11 (yes you can take notes  and if you do you can use them for the reading quiz that will probably take place)


    09/04: Welcome back...In class today we did a little brain teasers and excersizes.  We handed out books and made name cards.  For HW (to be completed before next class) is to read through THE COURSE SYLLABUS  and get the required supplies.   The text books can stay at home, they will be used often.

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