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    RL 4 Wednesday (04/08/2020): At this point I am hoping you all got the google classroom invite from me.  PLEASE email me if you haven't.  I don't really know what you see from your side of the google classroom platform so please give me some feedback and offer suggestions...thanks all.  Be well

    RL 3 (04/06/2020): If you haven't already please do the previous day(S) assignments...For today you can

    1) watch this Hello video

    2) Compare your solutions to my solutions from the previous assignment and really focus on the ones you didn't know or the ones we got different answers on..of course ask me questions if needed

    3) Please do what THIS LINK asks for...




    RL 2 (04/01/2020): If you haven't already please do the previous day(S) assignments...For today you can watch this quick hello video and then you should READ THIS...thanks...here are the review problems to do 



    Remote learning day 1 (03/30/2020): Welcome to a new normal...I hope all are well.  Please watch this video (which has an error, call me out on it and check-plus for you) and then read and respond via email to these questions .  miss you all....


    UPDATE: Wednesday 03/18/2020: Thanks to all students that have reached out to me via email....that will be our main lines of communication moving forward...As of today I am suspending all required work until March 27th.  The district policy is that until then, this time off is considered spring break so enjoy...try to be outdoors as much as possible and maintain "social distancing" to help flatten the curve and thwart the rapid rate of infections...If you know a classmate has not yet checked in on this posting, please encourage them to do so....thanks again.  The take home quiz related to "area between curves 'will be the first assignment due upon returning to some sort of schooling so you can email me that whenever you complete it.


    FOR THE WEEK OF 03/16-03/20 - PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK and then read the following:

    I am expecting students  to continue with the learning process to some degree while we are adjusting to the newness...My plan is to post some videos and/or

    documents in this general location of my website. I will be expecting students to take pictures of any assignments that are required and send me their work

    via email.  I will also be available to answer questions and give feedback through email conversations, I will check my email frequently.  Thanks, talk soon...




    3/12: we continued focusing on area (we did the circle area two ways AND then did the "x = K, y = J cuts in half problem"   HW is this TAKE HOME QUIZ


    03/10: In class we started thinking about area between two functions (vertically sliced and horizontally sliced)...we took a few sentences of notes(top minus bottom using x-values as the bounds of integration IF slicing vertically AND right minus left using y-values as the bounds IF slicing horizontally) and did some practice problems... 


    03/06: We started class by going over the review problems that were due and then we worked with AVERAGES...specifically relating the idea of "average rate of change of position" to "average value of velocity"....we worked through these practice problems and then started the HW 


    03/04: Students either finished the last quiz and then corrected it if needed.  Then started the review sheet that will be due next class


    03/02: students finished up the practice sheets and then we had a 2question (multiple parts each) quiz that related to the big ideas of the past few classes


    02/27: we continued working with the graphical analysis with the second fundamental theorem....


    02/25: we continued working with the second fundamental theorem and accumulation functions.  most everyone finished SHEET 1 (posted on the previous day)  and some started SHEET2....



    02/20: the main focus from class today was Applied 2ND Fun. Thm.  we did a couple of problems togther and then students either fixed the last quiz OR started the hw problems


    02/19: We started class by going through the solutions to the hw problems that were due (the ones not posted below)...We then took the rates quiz (2 questions, 1 with a calculator and 1 without).  NO HW due next class.  we will continue working with the 2nd fun. thm next class AND there will be chance to fix this last quiz


    02/13: We started class by working through a few problems to get a sense of the SECOND FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM.  We then continued working with the rate functions problems and applying the 2nd fund. thrm....I went over one of the HW problems (and showed a few tricks with the calculator)  then students either continued working with those are started the next set of practice problems (solutions to a few of those are attached to that link)... QUIZ next class on the idea of integrating rate functions and some basic 2nd fund. th'm ideas


    02/07: We continued working with rate functions...HERE are the practice problems that were started in class.  HW is to attempt to finish those...I will discuss the solutions next class and then there will most likely be a quiz on those ideas.


    02/05: Integrate a rate function between to values and it will tell you the total amount displaced between those two values.


    02/03: We started class with a discussion about how the first fundamental theorem visually and algebraically looks....we then did the error finding warm up.  After all that we learned about applying the first fund. thm. while also doing u-substitution.  HW is to work on the few problems on the back of the notes that were handed out.


    01/30: Today's big idea was linking Riemann sums to the FIRST FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM of calculus in order to determine the exact area bounded by a function and the x-axis....Here are the notes and HW problems.


    01/28: FIRST DAY OF 3RD QUARTER.  We started class by discussing the midterm corrections assignment (you have until february 28th to meet with me outside of class time and correct your midterm...this will be a 30 point q3 assignment)  We then did the AREA challenge which introduced the idea of Riemann sums.  classwork/homework is THIS SHEET that was handed out in class


    01/15: we continued working through some U-sub problems and doing some midterm review  and the SOLUTIONS...   REMEMBER you can bring to the midterm a 5inch by 8inch index card of information to the midterm....THE MIDTERM IS ON Wednesday 22nd PM in room 186 (if you have a conflict, please LMK ASAP)


    01/13: the main focus of today was U-SUBSTITUTION and the process of integrating non-basic polynomials


    01/09: We started class with the CRAZY INTEGRAL problem and then went over the HW...We then had a graded practice related to integration and applied to motion...the quiz also started having you think about the CHANGE OF VARIABLES concept of integration.  HW is to work through the midterm review 


    01/07: we started class with a midterm review and then continued working with the ideas of integration AND we included some special cases ideas...hw is to finish the practice problems that were started in class


    01/03: We started class by thinking about a position function given a velocity function.  this led to INTEGRATE is GREAT and some notes and examples....HW is to finish the problems in the notes.



    12/20: worked on project.  ENJOY break


    12/18: Class started with a warm up (see me if you were absent)  and then time was spent to either fix the latest test and/or start the PROJECT.  The project will be due AT THE END of next class. 


    12/13: after going through the solutions to the hw (which focused on motion and the clever use of the calculator) we took a two-part quiz.  One part was with calculator and one part was without.  No HW due next class.


    12/11: we started class with a pass the pen activity with THIS problem....and then starte the HW that is due next class  (just the second page of that attachment)


    12/09: We started class with a warm up that had students looking at a position graph and asking a couple of questions related to that graph....we then answered a bunch of those quesitons as a class....we went over DISPLACEMENT vs TOTAL DISTANCE and then started the HW practice probelms...


    12/05: the big idea of today was MOTION.  We did the quick activity that was sketch the position of the ball thrown in the air and then read through the notes and practice problems....HW is to try this one.


    11/26: In class we went over the MC problems that were due today and then did the graded practice.  If you were absent then please attempt to solve these and hand them in after thanksgiving break


    11/22: HW is to finish the AP mc practice problems that were handed in class


    11/20: after going over a couple of warm up problems, class time was spent doing some AP review probelms (the ones that were assigned last class)....when students finished that they were given time to fix the last related rates quiz.  NO HW due next class


    11/18: we started class by going over the HW problems.  We then took the related rates quiz.  HW is to try your best on THESE real ap practice problems


    11/14: we continued working with related rates....after students showed me their well written solutions to the HW problems that were due today, time was spent on the HW that is due next class.   There will be a related rates quiz nect class (involving cones, trig and pyth.thm)


    11/12: we started with another pass the pen activity that should have gotten you to think about "take a derivative with respect to what??" After that warm up, I collected the MVTH'm HW/practice and then we started working with the new ideas (RELATED RATES NOTES) and taking derivatives with respect to a change in time.  HW is to work on the practice problems that were posted on the back of the notes.  There are also numerous examples on you tube if you just search related rates (try to search for a sphere problem or a pythagorean theorem problem)


    11/07: we started with a pass the pen review problem.  Then we went over the HW problems.  Time was then used to either correct the last few assignments if needed and start the HW due next class


    11/03/2019: In class we started with a warm up related to driving on the thruway.  We then went through this new idea called the MEAN VALUE THEOREM.  HW is to finish the problems from the notes.  Some students started making corrections on the past test (you have until end of day friday to finish those)


    10/31: we started with THIS warm up problem.  Then a few minutes were given to ask questions about recent practice problems.  We then took the special cases quiz.  NO hw


    10/29: we continued working with special cases and trig no calculator...HERE are the solutions to the problems that were due today.....HERE are the new set of practice problems with solutions attached.  HW is to finish up all the crazy practice problems we've been dealing with for the past couple of classes.  There will be a special cases quiz next class without a calculator.


    10/25: We continued working with special cases and doing trig without a calculator (special triangles or the hand trick)....Here are the notes and HW problems...AND here are the solutions to the problems that were due today (#9 was mistakingly done with y = 1 instead of y = 4...we fixed it in class)


    10/23: we started class with one more warm up related to crazy symbolic derivative problems.  We then went over that and then took a quiz on those ideas.  After the quiz we started working with special case derivatives...specifically sine,cosine, tangent, cosecant, cotangent, and secant.  we proved a few of the derivatives using an algebraic approach and a graphical analysis.  HW is to do some of the probelms that were on the back of the notes....


    10/21: we started class by doing another SYMBOLIC DERIVATIVE warm up and then went over the HW.....we then did a BUILD YOUR OWN style practice......we will have a quick quiz on those ideas next class. If you would like more practice, do the one on the back of the HW sheet that was due today. HERE IS THE SOLUTION TO the practice


    10/17: we started class by discussing the solutions to the HW and then working through THESE PROBLEMS.  We then spent some time on natural logs and exponentials....that led into the crazy symbolic chart style problems.  HW is to do the first one on the sheet that was handed out in class.


    10/11: We started class with one last optimization problem (cutting the corners off the sheet of paper).  We then discussed the key elements of the solution to that problem.  We then went over WHAT IS A DERIVATIVE? Which led to the limit definition of the derivative.  HW is to work through THESE practice problems.


    10/08: we did a review extrema problem to start class.  then most of the time was spent having students more carefully go through the shnorman-window problem.  NO HW is due next class


    10/04: we started class with a warm up (determine the area of a right isosceles triangle dependent on its hypotenuse).  We then went over the HW (solutions were written on the board).  Then we did the remaining practice problems from the sheet (posted the previous day).  Then there was the shnorman window QUIZ.  no hw 


    10/02: In class we worked on OPTIMIZATION (applied extrema)....we did the apple production problem and the closest distance problem together and then class time was used to either correct the packet OR work on the HW (which is the first THREE problems from this sheet)


    9/27: we continued with practicing extrema and concavity style problems.  THESE SIX questions are the HW and it will be collected at the begining of next class


    9/25: the main focus of today was EXTREMA and CONCAVITY.  We went through the SUPER NOTES and then started THESE practice problems.  HW is to finish those practice problems...Write your solutions in an organized well written manner. 


    9/23: the only new piece of information from today was that the derivative of ln("stuff") is 1 divided by "stuff" times the derivative of that "stuff":  due next class are the solutions to numbers 1-5,8,13,16,20,28...Your solutions need to well communicated meaning neatly written, easy to follow and include explainations in words if needed. 


    9/19: We started class with this real ap question that related to the concepts we've been dealing with. We then went over the 5 HW problems and students were given a chance to ask questions and help eachother.  After all that we took roundroom #3 quiz.  HW is to read through the packet that was handed out and try to do the probelms that seem familar....You won't be able to do all the quesitons.


    9/17: We started class with a couple of warmup derivative problems.  We then went over the hw and had an opportunity to discuss errors or misundertandings.  After that we took a quiz on the ideas of continuous and differentiability.  After that wee discussed tangent lines and how to write the equation of a tangent line,  HW is the sheet handed out in class.

    09/13: we started class by fixing some graded practice from the previous class and then thinking about the second derivative implicitly.  We then focused on CONTINUOUS and DIFFERENTIABLE piece-wise functions (relating back to the tracks we played with on the first day).  After going through the notes and some practice problems, most students starteed the HW sheet which was the AP style problems that were handed out in class. 

    09/11: the main objective for today was "computing derivatives".  We focused on implicit differentiation and the product rule and worked through some algebraic properties to "clean-up" the answers.  We aaplied the derivative in one problem to the idea of increasing and decreasing functions.  We then did the "round-room #2" checkaroo (check your grades through power school and see me Thursday or Friday after school if you need to fix that).  You hw is to solve this system of equations for A and B (2A + 2B = 5 AND A - B = -7B)...That will be a skill needed next class to correctly follow through with the new concept.


    09/07: We started class by finishing the racetrack-word-association game that was started last class.  We then did our first round of blue pen/red pen which focused on slope and some basic derivative practice.  After that we continued practicing THESE problems , the focus was how implicit differentiation is the chain rule and works like other basic power rule derivative problems.  HW is to make your own challenge problem modeled after one of the practice problems.


    09/05/2019: In class today we started with a word game related to calculus concepts and then did a quick, you challenge me round....We then played human bingo and had some discussions in an effort to get to know one another a bit better.  We then did the tracks activity that had you and some peers playing with hotwheels tracks while brainstorming different calc concepts (we will finish that up next class)....Your HW to be completed by next class is to read through THE COURSE SYLLABUS and bring with you all required supplies.  THANKS

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