• Life Prep

     Time Frame – 10 weeks                                        

     Grading – Pass/Fail – all assignments must be completed satisfactorily.

    Attendance - 3 maximum absences. 

    Materials needed – Folder, paper, pencil or pen.

    Essential Questions:

    1.     What skills do I need to be competent and effective in the working world?

    2.     What do I like to do?  What do I need to be able to do it?  What can I do now to move towards my future goals?

    Course Outline

    I.          Careers

    a.       career interest surveys

    b.      career investigations

    c.       budgeting

    d.      Education and training options

    e.       Vocational options

    f.        Manufacturing options

    g.       globalization


    II.                 Communication Skills

    a.       Resumes

    b.      Cover letters

    c.       Active listening and I-messages

    d.      Non-verbal communication

    e.       Group communication

    f.        College applications


    III.               Parenting Skills

    a.       Decision for parenting

    b.      Parenting the young child

    c.       Responsible parenting




    Class Behavior Guidelines

    1.      Be respectful towards each other and the teacher.

    2.      Be on time.  If late, please bring a pass.

    3.      Do not sit on tables, counters or talk out of the windows.

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