As part of the SUNY Ulster Collegian Program this course is offered with an option (with an associated fee) to earn 3 credits that are transferrable to a 4 year college.


    INTRUCTOR: Kieran Bell

    VOICEMAIL: 845-256-4175 extension 69504

    EMAIL: kbell@newpaltz.k12.ny.us


    Course Description:


    Are you on entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to start and run a small business? In today's economy entrepreneurship is a viable and growing career choice. This class is designed to provide students with an opportunity to recognize and develop their entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and values. The course covers all aspects of business startup from ideas to legal issues. Topics include: conceiving, creating, managing, marketing, financing, and protecting a business. The course culminates with the student developing a hypothetical business plan. 


    Student Learning Outcomes:


    At the end of the Entrepreneurship course, students should be able to:

    1. Describe the foundational principles of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset.

    2. Describe how to recognize market opportunities that solve people’s problems and differentiate a new business.

    3. Utilize appropriate entrepreneurship terms and language

    4. Articulate the importance and role of key small business success factors

          5.   Describe the primary components of a business plan


    Course Outline


    1. Going into Business for Yourself
      1. What is Entrepreneurship?
      2. What does it take?
      3. Opportunities


    1. Researching and Planning your Venture
      1. Feasibility
      2. Marketing Analysis
      3. Types of Ownership
      4. Legal Environment


    1. Managing Marketing Strategies
      1. The Marketing Plan
      2. The Pricing Strategy
      3. The Promotion Strategy


    1. Managing your Business Processes
      1. Purchasing and Inventory
      2. Production and Distribution
      3. Operations and Staffing
      4. Human Resources


    1. Managing your Finances
      1. Start-Up Financing
      2. Operations Financing
      3. Analyzing Finances
      4. Accounting and Record Keeping


    1. Growing Your Business
      1. Business Risks
      2. Challenges of Expansion
      3. Social and Ethical Responsibilities

    Student Requirements for Course Completion - Students must satisfactorily complete all units, exams, quizzes, homework and final exam with a passing grade

    Attendance Policy - Students with more than 3 absences per semester may be required to make up time.

    Method of Assessing Student Learning Outcomes and Student Achievement - Chapter Tests, Unit Tests and a Final Exam. Students will be required to pass the class.   


    Final Exam Option Chosen by Instructor – students will be given a summative final assessment. 


    • Grading         

      • Tests - 20%

      • Homework – 10%

      • Classwork – 30%

      • Projects – 20%

      • Quizzes – 10%

      • Assignments – 10%


        Statement on Academic Integrity - In addition to the NPHS and SUNY Ulster student handbooks, students are expected to maintain the highest standards of honesty in their college level work. Cheating, forgery, and plagiarism are serious offenses, and students found guilty of any form of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action.



    ROOM: 101

    VOICEMAIL: 845-256-4175
    extension 69504


    Website: Follow link on NPHS Website

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