• Sport Management

    Course Description

    This is a ½ year course designed to provide students with solid information on what they need to do to be successful in the sport industry. It presents a general overview of the sport industry and covers the fundamental knowledge and skill sets of the sport manager.  It also provides information on sport industry segments to highlight potential employment and career choices.  The course includes information on the foundations and principles on which sport management operates as well as how to apply those foundations and principles to the sport industry.  The course will lay the groundwork for students as they study and prepare for successful careers in sport management.


    While focusing on the sport industry, the functional areas of management (planning, organizing, leading and evaluating) and key skill sets (people skills, oral and written communication skills and diversity management) can be transferred to any industry requiring sound management.


    Units of Study

     Foundations of Sport Management 

          ·       History of Sport Management
    ·        Management Principles Applied to Sport Management 
    Marketing Principles Applied to Sport Management
    Financial Principles Applied to Sport Management
    Legal Principles Applied to Sport Management
    Ethical Principles Applied to Sport Management 

    Amateur Sport Industry

          ·        High School and Youth Sports
    Collegiate Sport
    International Sport

    Sport Industry Support Segments 

          ·        Facility Management
    Event Management
    Sport Sales
    Sport Sponsorship
    Sport Communication
    Sport Broadcasting
    The Sporting Goods Industry and the Sale of Licensed Products 

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    Professional and Scholarly Associations

    • European Association for Sport Management

    • International Sport Management Alliance

    • Sport Management Council/National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE)

    • North America Society for Sport History (NASSH)

    • North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM)

    Sport Management Information

    The Sport Management Job Market

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