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    The word Ceramics comes from the Greek keramos, and refers to the art of making both useful and beautiful objects and artifacts such as bowls, sculpture, cooking and serving utensils, tiles, electric insulators, components of spaceships, bricks, and many other objects used by humans.



    In Ceramics, students will extend the study of the visual arts through a ceramic medium using introductory pottery skills. In doing so, students will expand their artistic skills analytically, conceptually, and technically and will further develop their visual arts vocabulary. Students will be using hand-building and throwing techniques, and/or a combination of these methods to produce works in clay. Students will learn to create ceramic works as both functional pieces and as aesthetic sculptural forms. The material learned in the foundation classes of Studio Art, DDP and Creative Crafts should be applied to all works in regards to the elements and principles of design.


    Areas of study and exploration in this course will include but not limited to:

    -The nature of clay

    -Glazing and finishing techniques

    -Firing techniques – electric and primitive

    -Studio equipment

    -The history of ceramics


    Ceramic construction including:

    -Three-dimensional design


    -Decoration and texture techniques

    -Pinch and Modeling Methods

    -Coil Building

    -Slab Construction

    -Drape and Press molds

    -Throwing on the wheel

    -Sculptural Construction