• You should use the homework sheets from the last few weeks as your study guides.  If you are missing one check the studio homework page.  The following is some additional study material.

    You will have an essay… know the different types of art and be able to identify them by sight… you will have slide identifiation as well                     

    *** To Practice click here History Images

     How to critique a painting:

    1. Description - what do you see (elements)
    2. Analysis - composition (principles)
    3. Interpretation - what you feel the art work is saying (mood)
    4. Judgment - success of piece (craftsmanship, strong areas)
    5. Don't forget to include which artistic period it came from and how you know
    Read the critique for:

    Van Gogh: 
    "Bedroom in Arles"

    The painting "Bedroom in Arles" by Vincent Van Gogh is an expressionistic piece which shows a very strong use of line and texture.  The paint has been applied very thick, most likely with a pallet knife, in order to create the textured effect.  The colors are vibrant and create a bright and happy mood in the room.  The use of space in this image is very interesting.  The perspective is slightly inaccurate.  In real life the paintings would fall off the walls and you would most likely slip right out of the chairs if you sat on them.  The expressionistic quality of the piece as a whole allows for the "crazy" perspective and the piece remains successful.  The dominant element in this piece is the bed, it is the largest object and the bright red blanket is in contrast with the rest of the colors in the pallet.  As you view the piece, your eye is lead around from the bed up to the paintings on the wall.  From there you are lead to the back wall and window, down to the table and smaller chair, and than to the larger chair in the foreground.  The piece itself is asymmetrically balanced with the large bad on the right and the smaller elements on the left.  The feeling created by this painting is childlike, however it still hold some sophistication.
    You critique the this painting for homework
    Honoré Daumier  “The Third-Class Carriage
    1 point and 2 point perspective…. Know how to draw objects in perspective!!!!
    1pt 2pt
    Graphite pencil:  4H,2H,HB,2B,4B  What does this mean?  How do you use them?
    Elements of Art - Space,Color, Value,  Form, Shape, Line, Texture   
    Principles of design - Balance, Unity, Proportion, Emphasis/Dominance, Pattern, Contrast, Rhythm, Movement  
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