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    Studio Art

    Mr. Martin

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    availability:  "office hours" TBD Monday through Friday



    Welcome to Studio Art!  This is a class designed to introduce students to the world of art.  Throughout the year you will be exposed to many different art processes.  You will learn about the function of art in society and the impact it has on people.


    Student Expectations:


    As a student in this class you are expected to:

    ·        Arrive to class on time.

    ·        Be prepared for class with all necessary tools for the current project.  (A pencil and a sketchbook are required every day.)

    ·        Be responsible for the care and maintenance of all equipment, tools and the classroom as a whole.

    ·        Complete all class assignments as well as homework on time.  Lateness will be penalized. (Absence or special circumstances will be discussed on an individual basis with me.)

    ·        Use class time to its fullest extent, as well as participate in discussions and critiques.

    ·        Make use of library and classroom resources in conjunction with various projects.

    ·        Use Open Studio hours as needed (Tuesdays after school until 4:00).




    Your grade for this class will be based on the following:




    Class work




    Overall quality of your work


    Rubrics are used to arrive at project grades.   They may change depending on the criteria of a particular assignment, but the main categories are generally; Composition, Creativity, Effort and Craftsmanship.


    Course Outline:


    Throughout this course you will be introduced to many different art processes, styles of art and artists. Much of the work we do will reinforce your understanding of the elements and principles of design.

    Elements – Space, Line, Form, Color, Texture, Value, Shape

    Principles – Contrast, Emphasis, Balance, Pattern, Rhythm and Movement, Unity


    Some Project assignments include:


    ·        Drawing in perspective – creating space (rendering 3-D images on a 2-D surface).

    ·        Art history – learning about different artists and the time periods that they worked in.

    ·        Color – learning to mix paint and exploring the properties of color.

    ·        Scratchboard - using line and texture to create effective drawings.

    ·        Exploring positive and negative space – learning about tessellations through the eye of M.C. Escher as well as the Islamic culture.

    ·        Sculpture – using form to engage space, learning the properties of clay and artists who use this media.

    ·        Printmaking – creating linoleum cuts and monoprints.

    ·        Design – How to effectively arrangements on a page to create unity.

    ·        Cultural explorations – learning about how people from different parts of the world use art to express their own individuality.


    These are just some of the things we will do this year.  Please know that I am open to your suggestions.  If there is something you would like to learn about that is not listed above, let me know and I will try to incorporate it into the curriculum.




                As mentioned above, all students are required to have a sketchbook and pencil for class.  You will also need:


    ·        1 Sharpie marker (Fine point)

    ·        2 erasers (1 Art Gum and 1 Kneaded)

    ·        Drawing pencils – 4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B

    ·        Small Pencil Sharpener


    The art department has many of the materials that you will need throughout the year.  At times you may be asked to bring in items from home (A piece of cardboard or fabric for example).  If you are interested in gathering additional supplies I would recommend

    Colored Markers, Colored Pencils and a Detail Brush.