• A d v a n c e d

    P h o t o g r a p h y

    M. Rappleyea 256-4175 x 1454

    Areas of study:

    1. Knowledge of photographic papers, film, supplies and equipment - its not just RC anymore.
    2. Research and experiment with something new - from liquid emulsion to infrared film. To be shared with the class.
    3. Advanced camera applications:

      close-up, distortion, reflection, digital imaging, multiple exposure, filters, pushing and pulling film etc. See list of Photo explorations.

    4. Medium format photography:

    shooting and printing from a 2 1/4 negative.

    V. Darkroom technique and custom printing

    a. Improve an existing print with dodging, burning, etc.

    b. Creation of a custom print with choice of effect:

    Advanced darkroom techniques including multiple printing

    and Sabbatier effect.

    VI. Studio Lighting: Portraiture and using a flash or strobe

    VII. Photographic Illustration: dramatically telling a story on one frame or more with the use of lighting, props, costume etc.

    VIII. Professional Photography: making a living...

    IX. Creation of a body of work/photographic study

    X. Presentation and Exhibition

    Quizzes will be given to assess technical knowledge.

    Critiques will be conducted to improve observation and articulation skills.

    A portfolio will be produced, collected and exhibited.

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