• StUdIo In Printmaking & Graphics.

    M. Rappleyea


    This studio course introduces basic printmaking processes and equipment with equal emphasis on culture, history, concept and technique.

    Students are introduced to a variety of print media and methods, such as monotype, relief, intaglio, screen, and various approaches to making and printing plates in each medium. Students are expected to develop an understanding of the media and to learn good studio habits; safe and responsive handling of tools, presses, inks, cleaning fluids, and fine art paper.

    Areas to be covered:

    The knowledge required for basic manipulation of the processes used in the production of a printed image.

    • Relief Prints


    Ukiyo-e. "pictures of the floating world"

    Collagraphs. A form of collage on card or wood which is sealed then inked and printed either as a relief or intaglio print.

    Use your own selection of leaves, fabric, textured paper/wallpaper, tissue, crepe paper, string or thread.

    • Monoprints.

    A “painterly” immediate print medium combining drawing, painting and printmaking producing unique images. Try out a variety of techniques

    • Drypoint Etching and IntaglioA simple and direct method of intaglio printmaking, where the surface of the Plexiglass is scratched into, to produce a burr which holds the ink.
    Can also be combined with monoprinting and collagraphs
    • Screen Printing /Serigraphy
    • Photo Etching
Last Modified on November 15, 2011