• computerWe have a computerized register system in all of our schools.
    Identification Numbers for Students! The best part of this system is that each student has an “account” with us. This is a debit account (not a credit account). This means that money is deposited into the account and the student can purchase food items using that account. Cash cannot be withdrawn from the account by the student. Each students personal identification number (PIN) is unique. At mealtime, the student enters their PIN number and the computer accesses his/her account. If there is money in the account, the purchases are deducted. If the student is eligible for the free/reduced meal program, the computer knows the status automatically and charges nothing or the reduced amount, as if the student had money on account.  Please note, All student cafeteria account money is for student use only.  Parents looking to have lunch with their child can not use their child's account money to make purchases for themselves.
    You may pay by cash or check payable to New Paltz School Food Services. Students can turn in their deposits to the cafeteria. You can also write one check for multiple students in the same school. Simply include each students name and PIN number on the single check. Please send separate checks for students in different buildings.  Students can pay with cash in the cafeteria but will still enter their PIN numbers.  Please check out www.myschoolbucks.com for information on making online Credit Card payments to your child's account. 

    The computerized cash register system in our cafeteria allows parents to create a daily or weekly spending limit for their students’ prepaid account. The child can spend up to their limit on any food products or drinks.  

    Parents may also block the use of the prepaid account for the purchase of ala carte items (which means no extra food items, milk, or snack). In this situation, prepaid funds could only be used for one complete lunch and breakfast per day but the children are welcome to purchase ala carte items with cash.  

    If you have any questions, please call the food service office at 256-4050.  

    • For an account balance or account history, please create a free account at www.myschoolbucks.com or call the food service office at 256-4050.
    • For an account history to be emailed, please email mgdecoeur@newpaltz.k12.ny.us  with your request.
    • To place restrictions on your childs account, please email mgdecoeur@newpaltz.k12.ny.us with your request.   Please note that all requests for account restrictions must be placed in writing.