• faqs
    Charge System: Any charge must be paid off the following day.
    When a student does not have money for a meal, they are able to charge the meal and are expected to bring the payment on the following day. Charge notices are sent via email and/or U.S. mail on Wednesday mornings.  
    If you prefer that your child not be permitted to charge, please notify the Food Service Department in writing.
    A copy of the district charge policy can be found in the District Policy Manual, beginning on page 204 (section 5662) District Policy Manual

    Ala Carte alternative beverages and snacks are available upon request.

    Bag Lunches are available whenever a student goes on a class/field trip. Arrangements can be made in your child’s building cafeteria.
    Turkey products: Nuggets, franks, ham, salami, and bologna may at times be turkey products. 
    Offer vs Serve:
    For lunch, we offer all students five menu items. Students in all grades must take a minimum of 3 components which must include a fruit or vegetable, but may take 4 or 5 components (protein, fruit, milk, vegetable, grain).
    For breakfast, we offer all students 4 menu components. Students in all grades must take a minimum of 3 components, but may take all 4 components (fruit, milk, grain, grain). This is allowed in order to reduce food waste.
    PLEASE NOTE: Full price for the Type “A” meal will be charged whether the student takes 3, 4 or 5 items. We do encourage our students to take the full five-item lunch and the full four-item breakfast because of the nutritional benefits.


    Any questions, please call the Food Service office at 256-4050.