• food service
    Applications are now being accepted for part time and substitute positions in the Food Services department.  If interested, please fill out a civil service application and return to the District Office.  A copy of this application can be found below.
    Thank you for your interest in the Food Service Department of New Paltz Central School District. Here is some general information about food service positions which may be available.


    Part time positions

    Ø The positions are part-time only and are Monday-Friday.

    Ø The starting salary is $18.04 per hour.

    Ø There are no medical or dental benefits but you do earn sick time and uniform allowance.

    Ø The actual hours of the positions vary from 3 hours per day to 5.5 hours per day. All positions involve preparing lunch, serving the children, and cleaning up afterwards.


    Substitute positions

    Ø The positions operate on an “as needed” basis.

    Ø The salary is $16.50 per hour.

    Ø There are no benefits.

    Ø Subs replace part time workers who are sick or on medical leave.

    Ø We try to book you in advance whenever possible but may call around 7:30 am to see if you are available to work that day.

     If you think one of these positions will work out for you, please complete a civil service job application. The application can be picked up from our district office which is located at Lenape Elementary School, New Paltz from 8 am to 4 pm. You can also download the application by clicking on the link listed below. Please mail the completed application to New Paltz Schools Food Services, 196 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561. We look forward to hearing from you.

    For current job postings, please click the link below: