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    Department:  Business
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    March 30,
    Hi Business students  Looks like it is time to get back to business as best we can.  I will continue to email schoolwork to your school email accounts so please check your email regularly.  
    Hope everyone is safe and doing well.   
    Business Education at New Paltz High School is focused on weaving 21st Century Themes, through a Project-Based Learning environment, into the Business Curriculum. 
    Courses are designed to raise Global Awareness (International Business), Financial and Economic Literacy (Personal Financial Management and Accounting) and Civic Literacy (Business and Personal Law).
    Projects and Assignments are designed to develope the following skills and address the ELA Common Core Standards.
    • Computer 
    • Communication
    • Interpersonal
    • Interview
    • Teamwork
    • Goal Setting 
    Some of the goals of Business Education include:
    • Thinking and working creatively both individually and with others. 
    • Articulating thoughts and ideas using oral and written commuication skills.  
    • How to access and evaluate information.
    • Learning the life skills of accountability, ethics, personal productivity and responsibility, social responsibility, people skills and self-direction.

    Thanks for visiting.  Come back soon.

Last Modified on March 30, 2020