Feb 12th, 13th

Posted by Lynda Costello on 2/12/2020

Using the rough draft you completed and thinking about our discussions in class about document use write a revision of the 17th Century government essay. Click on the question to access a copy of the original document packet if you want it.

You should REVIEW the period prior to your rewrite of an essay that addresses the following task:

Discuss the 17th C theories about the origin of government power and the rights and duties of the citizens and the government. Explain how these theories reflect the political opinions and events of 17th C England.


**remember that your thesis can be more than one sentence because it must address the whole task! I will be looking for you to mention specific theories on the origins of government power (where does government get its power from?) and specific events you will discuss!


When you turn in your essay you must also include the rough draft with my comments.