• Instructor: Mr.Woods                                                             


    845-256-4175 ext.69655

    Available Daily 2:10-2:50 pm Room 119 

    Advanced Film and Video

    ***please access google classroom via student or parent invite to view all daily assignments and info***


    -Students will work collaboratively to create original video programming and graphics for broadcast on NPZ, and to create work for submission to video competitions, PSA's, and school wide presentations. 

    -Students in the NPZ course will be responsible for aiding the production, recording, and broadcast of the Morning Show. --Additionally students in the NPZ class will work cohesively to film school activities as well as create a short movie for the end year "Student Life" showing. 

    • Create meaningful and original video productions for presentation on NPZ.

    • Create video productions which have a positive impact on the school community.

    • Contribute written content and motion graphics for NPZ Morning Show and the NPZ website.

    • Learn and use OBS to gain understanding of live recording and broadcasting.

    • Provide camera coverage and post-production editing for selected school wide events and activities.

    • Increase capabilities and skill in filming video editing, special effects and motion graphics.

    • Use time productively at all times

    • Obtain and prepare video footage to document the school year for Student Life

    • Produce 22/23 Student Life Film

    • Return all equipment before leaving the classroom.

    • Save your work properly and in the right locations.

    • Participate in all class meetings and demonstrations.

    • Refrain from doing homework, gaming, texting, and social networking during class time.


     -That our classroom is a safe and secure place free from distraction, harassment, or ridicule, and where all students are able to learn, participate, and create.

    -That each student feels confident to use artwork and design as a form of self-expression.

    -That students work cooperatively


    Students are expected to work to their best ability and be on task at all times. 

    The projects and rubrics created align with the NYS standards for Media Arts

    Your grade for this class will be based on the following: Classwork tasks, show Productions, Morning Show contribution,  and correctly formatting for submission/display. Rubrics are used to arrive at project grades.  They may change depending on the criteria of a particular assignment, but the main categories are generally consistent. 


    -When you SEE OR HEAR ME asking for attention, please do you best to quickly be quiet and look my way. 

    -Do not walk around the room without asking. 

    -Clean workstation and return all equipment before leaving class.

    -Keep drinks on the floor, or in your bag. Snacks by permission at designated tables.

    -Do NOT touch anyone else's desktop, wires, or any part of the work station without their permission.

    -Pay Attention during all instruction and demonstration.


    -Refrain from off-task internet activity, gaming, texting, or social networking during class time.

    -Headphones only with teacher instruction or permission PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME YELL to get your attention. lower the volume. 

    - if your phone becomes a distraction I will kindly ask that you refer to the code of conduct and put it away or on my desk.