• Instructor: Mr.Woods

    E-mail: Bwoods@newpaltz.k12.ny.us

    Video 1: Description

    Students will learn the fundamental skills, techniques, and processes involved in all phases of digital video production. Each student will complete original video productions by assignment.


    -Students will learn pre-production procedures such as: concept development, creative writing, story archs, story boarding, prop design

    -Students will learn production techniques including: camera operation, lighting, recording/fiming effects, shooting techniques.

    -Students will learn post-production techniques video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro such as: assembling clips, transitions, text, audio, video effects, and final export.

    -Students will use video as a medium for self-expression and creativity.

    -Student productions will be displayed in class and standout samples may also air on the morning show when able. 

    Classroom Goals

    -That our classroom is a safe and secure place where all students are able to learn, participate, and create.

    -That each student work cooperatively with teacher and each other at all times.

    Classroom Rules

    -All students must inventory and return all video equipment before leaving class.

    -Students are responsible for saving all video and associated files in the correct location as instructed.

    -Footage from cameras MUST be copied form camera during the same block as it was shot.

    -Drinks  must be kept on the floor or in a bag. No food.

    -Remain quiet and attentive during all teacher instructional and demonstration times.

    -Avoid off task internet activity during class. No gaming, texting, and social networking during class.



    (80%) Video Productions. Rubrics will be used to assess video assignments and will be based on; classroom participation, preparedness, effort, creativity, concept development, and quality of video productions. *Homework  will be assigned as needed to prepare for certain assignments and are included in the video production rubrics.

    (20%) Final Assessment: Exam/Video Project

    Video Ethics

    -Maintain appropriate conduct at all times while filming inside and outside of the classroom.

    -Video content must be appropriate and free from social, cultural or political malice, and must follow school code of conduct guidelines.

    -All video equipment and computers must be treated carefully and with skill.

    -The security of the equipment and safety of others must be a concern for all video students.

    -Files must be managed carefully; hard drives must be used to store all video work.

    Video Assignments: Semester 1

    *Field Trip to Museum of the Moving Image

    Camera Angles and Movements  

    Green Screen  

    Production Company Logo


    Commercials/ PSA

    Match Shot/ Disappear Effect

    Short Films

    Video Production Review Packet