• Instructor: Mr.Woods

    E-mail: Bwoods@newpaltz.k12.ny.us phone ext 69655'

    available daily 2:20-2:45 in room 119

    ***Please access google classroom via student or guardian invites for daily posts, assignments, and information***

    Film and Video (intro class)


    Students will learn the fundamental skills, techniques, and processes involved in all phases of digital video production. Each student will complete original video productions by assignment. Students will become skilled in using the Adobe Premier and Rush Programs, as well as utilizing the Adobe graphics suite programs. 


    -Students will learn  procedures such as: concept development, creative writing, story arcs, storyboarding, prop design

    -Students will learn  techniques including: camera operation, lighting, recording/filming effects, shooting techniques.

    -Students will learn  techniques for video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro such as: assembling clips, transitions, text, audio, video effects, and final export.

    -Students will use video as a medium for self-expression and creativity.

    -Student productions will be displayed in class and standout samples may also air on the morning show when able. 


    -That our classroom is a safe and secure place where all students are able to learn, participate, and create.

    -That each student works cooperatively with the teacher and each other at all times.


    -All students must inventory and return all video equipment before leaving class.

    -Students are responsible for saving all video and associated files in the correct location as instructed.

    -Footage from cameras MUST be copied from camera during the same block as it was shot.

    -Drinks  must be kept on the floor or in a bag. No food.

    -Remain quiet and attentive during all teacher instructional and demonstration times.

    -Avoid off task internet activity during class. No gaming, texting, and social networking during class.