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    Department: Art

    email: bwoods@newpaltz.k12.ny.us

    availability: daily 2:20-2:50 (rm 119 or 214)


     Course Description
    In this course student will broaden their understanding of Graphic Communication and Design, and the role of new media, as well as traditional media. Students will develop their graphic communication and artistic designskills in this class through participation in art and design activities. Students will use a variety of new media, and some traditional art media, to create original works of graphic design, motion graphics, and 3-d imaging.

    Computer Graphics 1: Quarter 1 and Quarter 2

    2-D Design / Introductory Photoshop

    2d design with typeface

    Image from typeface

    Road Sign design with basic shapes

    Print/Web Media
    NPZTV Background Graphics
    Magazine Cover Design
    Logo Design /Corporate Identity
    T-shirt Design: Vector Illustration

    Final Exam 
    Software Proficiency/ Nike Logo Redesign

    Computer Graphics 2: Quarter 3 and 4

    Digital Art 
    Digital Painting

    Iconic Self-Portrait


    GIF Animation

    Stop Motion Animation (Adobe Premiere)
    Animated NPZTV Morning Show Intros

    3-D Imaging/Animation/Fabrication 
    3d Printing: Original Graphic Symbols 

    Final Exam
    Software Proficiency/ Portfolio Submission/TBA

    Learning Objectives

    -Students will create original design and artwork in response to graphic design challenges.

    -Students will use digital devices, real materials, and imaging software to create artwork and design.

    -Students will share preliminary and final design ideas with others and participate in critique and feedback activities.

    -Students will gain education and career awareness in related areas.


    Classroom Goals


    -That our classroom is a safe and secure place free from distraction, harassment, or ridicule, and where all students are able to learn, participate, and create.

    -That each student feels confident to use artwork and design as a form of self-expression.

    -That students work cooperatively.

    Classroom Rules

    -Clean workstation and return all equipment before leaving class.

    -Save work properly and as use file names and locations as instructed.

    -Keep drinks on the floor, or in your bag. Snacks by permission at designated tables.

    -Do not touch anyone else's work station without their permission.

    -Pay Attention during all instruction and demonstration.

    -Refrain from off task internet activity.

    -Refrain from gaming, texting, or social networking during class time.

    -Headphones only with teacher instruction or permission.

    -Refrain from downloading of any software, games, or files or folders on the school computer without teacher permission and instruction.


    -(70%) Classwork. Art and design assignments will be evaluated by student and teacher with a rubric and reflective responses. Evaluation of work will be based on; classroom participation, effort, creativity, concept development, quality of preliminary and final artwork.

    -(10%) Class Participation, digital class journal, and homework assignments.

    -(20%) Final Project and Mid-Term and Final Exam Assessments.

    Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Graphic Design/Photography
    Adobe Illustrator CS 5 - Vector Illustration
    Adobe Premiere CS 5- Motion Graphics/Video Editing
    Rhino 3d-Three Dimensional Modeling/Imaging

    Sculptriss/123D Design


    There will be one manual graphic design homework assignment per quarter.

    Students will occasionally be asked to do internet searches, or bring in images or items as they pertain to class activities. 10%.


    Student are expected to maintain a digital class folder, stored in the classes folder

    A portable digital storage device is optional.

    Students will keep a 2 pocket folder in classroom
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