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    The visual arts have roots in every culture and historical period throughout the world. They reach across stereotypes, religion, socioeconomics, and prejudices, allowing everyone to be more globally connected. Visual arts are fundamental if students are to become informed and contributing members of the world community. - excerpt from the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts




    Students are expected to follow the Code of Conduct

    The art studio is essential for each student to work on projects as well as participate in maintaining the studio space, engage in the process and share experiences/strengths with other art students. The art studio is a shared area so we must respect each area as such. 

    Respect is essential to success in an art studio – for artwork, materials, procedures, learning and most important of all, for each other!


    As a student in this class you are expected to:


    • Arrive to class on time. If you anticipate being late, get a pass from the teacher, counselor or administrator you are with. Three unexcused tardies will result in a student/teacher meeting.

    • Be prepared for class with all necessary tools for the current project and current homework.  (Your folder, a pencil and notebook along with your Chromebooks are required every day.) Your notebook will be collected quarterly for a grade. 

    • Be responsible for the care and maintenance of all equipment, tools and the classroom as a whole. Use tools as intended. Clean them up when done and put them in their proper place.

    • Complete all class assignments as well as homework on time.  Lateness will be penalized. (Absence or special circumstances must be discussed on an individual basis with me.)

    • Do your best at all times. We are all learning and things will be difficult at times. 

    • Be engaged and actively listen during lessons, presentations and while anyone is speaking/presenting. 

    • Use class time to its fullest extent, as well as participate in discussions and critiques.

    • Work the entire block. No wandering or sleeping. No eating or drinking.

    • Not use your cellphone and any of its functions unless previously discussed on an individual basis with me. Students may listen to music during work time with one ear bud (you must be able to hear me when I am making announcements or speaking to you directly) or to take reference photos only. 

    • Make use of library and classroom resources in conjunction with various projects.

    • Use Open Studio hours as needed (typically after school Tuesdays until 4pm). If you miss a day of class, you should stay after for Open Studio to make up for that time. 

    • Be respectful to everyone at all times. RESPECT YOUR TEACHER, YOUR CLASSMATES, AND YOURSELF!




    Your grade for this class will be based on the following: Participation, Creativity, Class work, Notebook, Homework, Effort, Neatness and Overall quality of your work


    Rubrics are used to arrive at project grades. They may change depending on the criteria of a particular assignment, but the main categories are generally the same. If a student does not have the assignment on the due date, they have until the following class to show me the work for ½ credit. After that, you will receive a zero.



    We will follow the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts:

    The four artistic processes of Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding, and Connecting will be incorporated into instruction simultaneously. Lessons and units will move fluidly between the processes, rather than address them in isolation.

    This class is designed to lead you through an in-depth exploration of different calligraphy lettering techniques, and to immerse you in the process of creating; from research & design to product completion.

    In this course you will be encouraged to take a risk with your art making, to push your art to a new level. 


    The content we will explore ranges from an introduction to the history and contemporary use of Calligraphy, learning how to use the Nib and Pen, basic Faux Calligraphy, Brush Technique Drills, Script/Font types, and decorative design. 

    This list is subject to change – we may not get to all of these and we may discover new areas of interest to pursue as we get to know one another better. Please note that I am open to your suggestions. If you feel passionately about a subject, talk to me about your interest. If there is something you would like to learn about that is not listed above, let me know and I will try to incorporate it into the curriculum. 




    We will be making a portfolio folder in class, this will be required to be brought everyday as well. 

    There will be space available in the classroom for you to keep your notebook and folder if you choose to do so. 

    The art department has many of the materials that you will need throughout the year.  At times you may be asked to bring in items from home (A piece of cardboard or fabric for example). You may be asked to bring in other supplies depending on your individual interests.




    Art Open Studio hours are Tuesdays after school until 4:00. Please note that there is a late bus. Anyone wishing to not take the bus must have a ride scheduled in advance. 


    This is a time for students to work in the studios on either class projects or independent work.


    This is a great time to work on a project as well as get direct input on a specific issue you may be having with a project. 




    Course information and assignments can be found on the Google Classroom. Links will be provided. 


    Student grades will be posted online in Grade Book


    The best way to contact me is via email at bwoods@newpaltz.k12.ny.us with any questions or concerns.


    You may also reach me by leaving a message at (845) 256-4000 ext. 64146


    I encourage a strong parent/teacher relationship and thank you in advance for your support and cooperation and look forward to meeting you at OPEN HOUSE, September 20th.


    Code of Conduct

    IV. Behavior Concerns, Violations, Interventions, and Accountability


    High School: Classroom teachers and study hall teachers have the right to create and enforce cell phone policies in their classrooms. Cell phone limitations in the classroom may range from a complete ban on cell phones to allowing the use of cell phones for educational purposes. Cell phones should not be used for entertainment purposes in classes or in study halls. Students may not use cell phones in the hallways or in the lavatories while class is in session. Special permission to use the phone outside of the room during class may be granted by the teacher in case of emergency. Teachers must clearly explain their classroom cell phone policies and include them on their course syllabi so that students and parents fully understand them. Students are required to follow all classroom cell phone policies. Teachers and study hall monitors have the right to confiscate cell phones that are being used in violation of classroom rules. Students may use cell phones between periods, during lunch, before and after school, and on school transportation. However, all cell phone use must follow the guidelines set forth earlier in this code of conduct, including not speaking loudly, listening to loud music, or being disruptive, and not videoing people or taking their pictures without permission. If listening to music with headphones or earbuds, one of the individuals ears must remain unblocked at all times so that they can hear people talking to them and so that they can hear safety announcements.


    I understand the need to communicate with your student during the day for a variety of needs. Please encourage your student to communicate with me when this is necessary. 


    Students are expected to follow the Code of Conduct