• Welcome to the Asian Culture Club

    As we all know, the Corona virus is disrupting school, as well as all our daily activities.  I am trying to keep our little community together online.  I hope to have different things you can see online while we are away from school.  First, let me wish everyone a belated Happy White Day.  March 14 is an 'answer day' to Valentine's Day.  It is called White Day because it was started by a candy company and was first called Marshmellow Day.  For Valentine's the ladies give gifts to the men.  On White Day it is the men's turn.  This tradition started in 1978 in Japan and has spread to South Korea and Taiwan.

    Meanwhile, I have told some of you about "Journeys in Japan" and "Travelogue China".  If you have Direct TV you can watch China at 11AM on Sundays, followed by Japan at 11:30 on Channel 25, WNYE.  If you don't have Direct TV, both can be found on You Tube!  Recently "China" has been looking at the Pearl River and all the towns along its watershed.  "Japan" has been to small villages as well as big cities.  One week you are touring Osaka, and the next looking at winter activities in Mishima and folks arts there.

    I will post things along the way, and I am trying to get an email chain going through our secretary.  Be safe everyone! 

    Ogenkide (Oh-gen-key-day, this is Japanese for Be Well) - Mrs. Sherburne